Omaha Challenge - Day 3

Dec. 7, 2017

The Commodores conquered the final day of the Omaha Challenge last week with the winners being named this week.

Day 3 of the Challenge pushed the Dores through VandyBoys Volleyball after repping out as many pull-ups as possible. VandyBoys Volleyball features a 10-pound medicine ball as the volleyball. Teams must throw the ball over the net, catch it and immediately throw it back.

The final event and staple of every Omaha Challenge, The Obstacle Course, was the longest obstacle course in the event's history. Starting in the football stadium and ending at home plate inside Hawkins Field, the squad closed out the fall in style by crossing home plate.

Walker Grisanti took home top honors on the position player side with Chandler Day taking the crown in the pitcher's competition. Grisanti's Green Team took the top spot in the team challenge.



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