Omaha Challenge - Day 2

Dec. 1, 2017

The Commodores rolled into Day 2 of the Omaha Challenge with a pair of sessions for the second day in a row.

In the morning, the team took on the 2100 and team tire flip. In the 2100, competitors start on the goal line of the football field run five yards and five yards back to the goal line then run 10 yards and 10 yards back to the goal line all the way to the other goal line. The competition this year, however, came with a twist. That twist was a 40-pound vest. The team tire flip had the each squad member taking turns flipping a tractor tire over for 100 yards.

In the afternoon session, the team tackled the max dumbbell bench test, two-minute drill and team tug of war. The dumbbell bench test pushed each Commodore to bench a set of 70-pound dumbbells as man times as possible. The two-minute drill put the Dores through 30 seconds of burpee box jumps with a 15-second rest followed by 30 seconds of jumping over the box, 15 seconds of rest and finally 30 seconds of inverted rows.


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