Omaha Challenge - Day 1

Nov. 30, 2017

The Commodores opened the Omaha Challenge on Tuesday with a pair of sessions.

In the morning the squad took on the VandyBoys triathlon and the PVC pipe push. In the triathlon, the Dores rowed for 500 meters, did 25 box jumps and pushed a 100-pound sled 40 yards before sprinting through the finish line for time. The PVC pipe push put the team through a 100-yard sprint while pushing a two-foot piece of pipe on the ground the distance.

In the afternoon, the team took on three more events competing in the pull-up bar hang, trap bar farmers walk and the tackling dummy drag race. The pull-up bar hang is as simple as it sounds, competitors hung as long as they could on the bar. The farmers walk featured a trap bar loaded with 225 pounds with the Dores carrying it for as far as they could. The final event had the team dragging tackling dummies 100 yards for time.

Teams for this year's Omaha Challenge are led by Stephen Scott (red), Connor Kaiser (white), Ethan Paul (blue) and Walker Grisanti (green).

Stephen Scott
Tyler Solomon
Drake Fellows
AJ Franklin
Paxton Stover
JJ Bleday
Austin Martin
Cooper Davis
Justin Willis
Erik Kaiser

Connor Kaiser
Pat DeMarco
Kiambu Fentress
Patrick Raby
Julian Infante
Phillip Clarke
Jackson Gillis
Tyler Brown
Michael Sandborn BLUE
Ethan Paul
Alonzo Jones
Aaron Brown
Tyler Duvall
Chandler Day
Jake Eder
Alex Brewer
David Bates
Maddux Conger GREEN
Walker Grisanti
Harrison Ray
Jayson Gonzalez
Reid Schaller
Garrett Blaylock
Hugh Fisher
Mason Hickman
Zach King
Justin Wilson



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