Omaha Challenge - Day 3

Oct. 10, 2013

Standing between the Commodores and the final day of the Omaha Challenge was a tough Day 3 that saw the Dores compete in sit-ups, push-ups and pull-ups before facing The Team Obstacle Course.

One minute, as many reps as possible - simple instructions not so simple an activity when the event is sit-ups followed by pull-ups followed by push-ups. In the sit-ups competition, a pair of freshman blew away the field with Nolan Rogers and Penn Murfee each recording 68 sit-ups in 60 seconds to take top billing. Tyler Ferguson racked up 65 sit-ups of his own to take the pitchers' competition. Keenan Kolinsky cranked out 22 pull-ups to win the pitchers' side of the event with freshman Drake Parker putting up an impressive 30 pull-ups in one minute. Fellow freshman Brian Reynolds was the closest to Parker's output with 25. Parker again used his small frame in the push-ups competition to record 74 push-ups but that was no match for Ro Coleman's amazing 89 push-ups - by far the most recorded by any Commodore on the day. Kolinsky again took the pitchers' title with 66 push-ups.

The final event of the day was a team event with The Team Obstacle course providing a tough task to end the day. Each team started off by carrying a 100-pound bench 200 yards with half the team stopping to do 10 burpees every 50 yards. After that it was the fireman's carry with each member of the team having to carry a member of their team 50 yards before swapping places. Up next was the agilities portion of the course. Each member of the team ran through the agility ladder, jumped high and low hurdles, zig-zagged around cones, back pedaled 50 yards then sprinted back through the course to tag the next teammate. Finally, the heavy sled push where each member alternated pushing the sled 20 yards at a time to the finish line.

After three days of competition, Parker carries a one-point lead into the final day over Rhett Wiseman but John Norwood and Nolan Rogers are within striking distance. Luke Stephenson has a solid lead on the pitchers' side going into the final day with Adam Ravenelle, Jared Miller and Tyler Beede not far behind. In the team competition, it's a two-team race with Steven Rice's team leading Tyler Beede's squad.

Special thanks to Will Hinson and Sam Wild for shooting the video.

Coming up on Day 4... The Obstacle Course crowns the champions.



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