Omaha Challenge - Day 2

Oct. 8, 2013

The Commodores greeted Day 2 of the Omaha Challenge before the sun did on Monday morning, warming up on the track before the sun came up.

As the sun rose in the eastern sky, so did the Dores' heartbeats with the team competing in three running events. The 60-meter dash served as the opener. Drake Parker turned in the day's fastest time, covering the 60 meters in 6.75 seconds. Adam Ravenelle took the pitchers' crown with a time of 6.85 followed closely by Tyler Beede (6.91). Dansby Swanson ran 7.0 for second among position players just in front of John Norwood's 7.03.

The Relay was up next as a team event with each eight-man team competing in the race, which consisted of each participant running one 100-meter leg, one 200-meter leg and one 400-meter leg. Gassers were the final hurdle of the day with 10 of them on tap. Each gasser was one trip across the football field and back in 18 seconds or less.

Coming up on Day 3... the team obstacle course.



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