Day 8 in Omaha

June 18, 2014

CWS Extras: Mascot Laundry   Juggling Showdown   Anchoring Down | Offutt AFB

The Commodores returned to the practice field Wednesday with a two-hour workout at Creighton. There was one major difference on Wednesday, however, as temperatures reached into the upper 90s. And on the turf at Creighton temps hovered near 100 degrees, something the Dores have not dealt with since arriving in Omaha. 

Following the workout the squad headed back to Offutt Air Force Base for the second time on the trip. This time the Dores checked out the JPAC and the base's fire department. JPAC stands for Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command and is responsible for recovering the remains of fallen soldiers and bringing them home for their families. If you dig (pun intended) anthropology or the TV show Bones, it was very cool to see it in real life. The outfit on the Offutt base is a new branch with the original being located in Hawaii. 

The base's fire department is not your ordinary fire department as the photos will attest. The department was very proud to show off their new $800,000 `toy' - the crash truck. As you can imagine, they use the truck to put out fires from airplane crashes. The truck is equipped with a tool to pierce the hull of planes and put out the fire from inside out. Needless to say, a very impressive piece of equipment. 

The base even had parting gifts for the club and it was the perfect gift... food. A little taste of Middle America from Runza. If you don't know what a Runza is check it out here. Think hot pocket, only better.

CWS Extras
Watch three new behind-the-scenes videos of the Commodore baseball team that officially debuted on the @VandyBaseball Twitter account.

First, it's been a week since the Commodores arrived in Omaha, which can only mean one thing: dirty clothes. Security cameras captured the following footage of Vanderbilt's baseball mascots in the laundry room (and other places) in the team hotel.

Next, it's a juggling showdown between Zander Wiel and Brian Miller following practice in Omaha. Only one will survive; let the best man win. (And who is The Bobcat?)

Finally, here's a short clip of the Commodores' Anchoring Down after their visit to Offutt Air Force Base.



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