Flash's Journal - April 1

April 1, 2008

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Dear Commodore Fans,

Since there have been questions asked about what is was like growing up in Maine, I have decided to take a journal entry and talk about what it was like growing up there and how I had the opportunity to play baseball.

For those of you who have never been there, Maine is a state where not many baseball players come from. It has very cold winters, and up to this point in the year, the ground is still covered in snow. Sports are very big up there and the people from my hometown all root for the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics and Patriots.

I grew up on a street that was filled with kids that were a couple years older than me and because of these kids I began to play sports everyday. Playing with kids who were older than me always made me better because it was harder to keep up with them because they were always bigger than me. Everyday after school we would come home from school and go right out on the street and begin to play whatever sport was in season. If it were spring or summer we would play baseball. And if it were the fall or winter we would either play football, hockey or basketball. I played all four sports growing up, but when I got into high school I had to stop hockey because basketball took up most of my time in the winter. If you were to look at Vanderbilt's baseball roster you could go through each player and most of them played at least two sports in high school. Playing more than one sport not only allows the player to stay in shape, but also gives a player the chance to compete all year.

As far as developing my skills as a baseball player, my father was the biggest influence on that part of my life. I would spend my weekends hanging around his baseball team and before and after games he would throw to me and my little brother Regan. Because of him I learned so much about the game and having the resources to work out inside (during the long winters) gave me the opportunity to keep up with players who played outside year round. I stay in close touch with my father throughout the season and the only advice he ever gives to me is, "to play like you're playing a pick-up game in the backyard and have fun." This is the way I try to approach every game that I play in and something I will never forget because that is how I learned to play baseball.

This week we play two midweek games and they will be two very good teams. Tuesday's game is a home game so if you have time come out and cheer us on as we take on Southeast Missouri State.

Until Next Week,



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