Baseball Q&A - Parker Hanks

Feb. 21, 2008

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Why did you remain in Nashville over the summer instead of play summer baseball? "The main reason was because of my injury. I think I was able to get fully healthy and get my strength back up."

How was it to work summer baseball camps? "It felt good. It was fun. It was pretty warm. I had a good time."

What are your plans after the season is over? "I'm applying to law school. Hopefully, I'll continue to play baseball."

What law schools are you applying to? "I'm applying to Vanderbilt and two schools in California and Washington, D.C."

How often do you get to go home during the academic year? "I only go home about twice per year. Aside from the summer, I go home during Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's very brief."

Would you rather live on the west or east coast of the country? "I really haven't made a decision. I definitely like it out here, and I like it in California. I'm open to living anywhere."

Does weather affect your play? "No. It's a little more extreme out here, but it's also part of the character of this team. It's not a hard adjustment."

What has been the toughest adjustment to moving to the outfield? "The biggest adjustment has been not being in every play like a catcher. I don't want to say there's down time, but not getting the ball every play was an adjustment for me."

What skills from your football playing days can you translate to playing baseball? "My attitude has definitely transferred over to baseball. That has helped me a lot in baseball. The work ethic, focus, and determination I developed have transferred over from football to baseball."

Did you have offers to play Division I football? "Yes. I had offers from Oregon and Colorado State. I looked at them, but at the time, neither one had baseball programs."

Do you miss football? "I do, but I don't regret the decision I made (to play baseball at Vanderbilt)."

Who are some of your baseball idols? "As a catcher, I liked Mike Piazza, but when I transferred to the outfield, I had to look at people to which I had similar styles of play. I really like Vernon Wells. I also like Eric Burns. I think he and I have the same mentality. Everybody holds him in the highest regard as far as how hard he plays the game."

What's the difference between playing left and right field? "It depends on the ballpark. At Vanderbilt, there is a difference. As a general outfielder, I would say no, but it mainly depends on the park."

What are your goals for the season? "As a team, our goals are very clear. We want to make the SEC tournament, host a regional, and make it to Omaha (for the College World Series). The steps we take to that involve everyday goals. Personally, I want to contribute the most I can to the team and stay consistent."



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