Omaha Challenge - Day 2

Jan. 10, 2013

The Commodores moved into the second day of competition in the Omaha Challenge with the Med Ball Medley, Prowler Push and Omaha Run up to Love Circle above Vanderbilt.

The squad tackled the Med Ball Medley first, which consists of two 100-pound medicine balls and two 50-pound medicine balls. The race starts with competitors carrying one 50-pound ball down the field 50 yards, picking up a 100-pound ball carrying it back 50 yards before trading it in for the second 100-pound ball. Finally, the second daunting 100-pound ball is dropped in favor of the last 50-pound ball and 50 more yards. While simple in text, imagine carrying a couple of six-year-old kids 100 yards and a pair of 11-year-old kids 100 more yards. Oh and your racing one of your teammates.

Connor Harrell and Jared Miller topped their teammates in their respective divisions to win the race and earn 100 points each. Harrell was the top Commodore with a time of 40.4 seconds edging D.J. Luna and Jack Lupo by nearly half a second. Freshmen Luke Stephenson and Tyler Ferguson followed Miller in the pitchers' race.

Another heavy leg work out followed with the Prowler Push. The goal was to push the prowler 50 yards down the field around a cone and 50 yards back.

John Norwood took home the position player title barely nipping Harrell by three one-hundredths of a second with a time of 26.78. On the pitchers' side it was Jared Miller pushed his strength to the front with the best time of the day, clocking a 24.94 to earn the victory.

As if two heavy leg exercises weren't enough, the day ended with yet another run. The Omaha Run, however, is not on a flat football field but instead a race to the top of Love Circle which overlooks Vanderbilt. The grueling run is mostly up hill and finishes nearly straight up the side of a grassy hill.

Gregor again showed off his superior fitness reaching the top of the hill first in just a shade over six minutes. Andrew Harris and Luna were not too far behind for second and third before Jared Miller rambled up the hill to claim the pitchers' crown just ahead of Adam Ravenelle.

After two days of competition the individual races could not be any different. Jared Miller is threatening to make the pitchers' race an absolute and complete blowout taking a 41 point lead into the final day. Kevin Ziomek along with Stephenson and Ferguson are within striking distance but will need to come up with something special to catch Miller.

The position players' battle is as tight as it was a year ago when it went down to the final event of the competition (The Obstacle Course). The same two that fought it out last season are back at the top again with Harrell taking a slim three-point lead into the last day over defending champ Gregor.

Harrell's and Miller's big days vaulted Team Harrell into a commanding lead in the team race and they will take a 170-point cushion over Team Harris and Team Lupo into the last day of competition.



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