Vanderbilt-Florida State postgame quotes

June 11, 2010

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Florida State 9, Vanderbilt 8
NCAA Super Regional
Dick Howser Stadium - Tallahassee, Fla.
Postgame Quotes

Vanderbilt Head Coach Tim Corbin

Opening Statement:
"Well, it was a good ballgame. I thought the way our kids came back from a 6-0 deficit, which didn't shock me at all, I figured we would once the game slowed down a little bit. Taylor did a nice job of getting back on his feet after the second inning and keeping us in the game.  After that we just kept whittling away and scoring runs every inning. We were persistent and just couldn't hold them at the end. Two tough balls, the ball Boyd hit, he scooped it and hit it over the left field fence and the last ball that McGee hit was a fastball up and away and it cleared the right field fence. But that's the way it goes. Not much you can do about it, with the home runs. They earned it. We played hard and that's why I love my kids. They come back."

On Taylor weathering the storm and coming back pitching the way he did the last three or four innings:
"I just thought the game was fast at the beginning. We've played in tough environments before, but I think any time you get into a Super Regional situation, you're playing for something. You get jitters. I'm not saying that that's what happened, but they just got off to a good start. They hit a six-hole ball and a four-hole ball and had a big hit, but he got himself back. He's done that before; he's pitched a lot of tough ball games this year and he's a durable kid. He pitched his breaking ball and started mixing his pitches real well and settled down and gave us some breathing room."

RHP Taylor Hill

On being down 6-0:
"I just wanted to go out there and keep throwing strikes. Like [coach] said, I went out there to mix it up and try to get ahead, just keep getting ahead and keep getting ground balls, because I knew they were going to find our infielders."

3B Jason Esposito

On whether Vanderbilt is resilient enough to come back, after having been down last week:
"Yeah, I think we proved that last weekend. It's a familiarity thing. It's something we don't want to get used to, but we're used to. We have an elimination game, but we don't look at it that way. We take it one game at a time and we just have to win two games."

On what made [Florida State reliever] Bennett so effective:
"He mixed his speeds and he mixed his pitches in and out. He gets guys out in front and that's how you pitch; that's how you win ball games. Just getting people out in front and getting weak contact. Credit to him."

DH Curt Casali

On being torrid the last couple of games following a slump and what has been different:
"I'm just not thinking about it anymore. It was a tough stretch, but thankfully my teammates were behind me all the way and it was a six-game nightmare. I owe it all to them; the coaches, the players and all of my teammates, they just helped me get through it and concentrate."

On the homerun only being one run, but perhaps feeling like it cut the deficit more than just 6-1:
"Once you score the first run, runs and hits are contagious. I was just hoping to put a good swing on the ball. Fortunately it got over the fence and after that we might have exposed a little bit of the pitcher and with the guys behind me, we put good swings on the ball and scored a couple of runs."

Florida State Head Coach Mike Martin

Opening Statement:
"I think Vanderbilt showed what they are all about today when we go up 6-0 and certainly we knew there was a lot of baseball left.  They really showed what they're about by coming back and not only tying the game but going ahead.  It was a clear display of fight on their part and certainly I was pleased with the fight in our guys when we fell behind to not feel sorry for ourselves and turned around and got some key hits.  It was a heck of a ball game.  No errors.  If you like high scoring games I guess you liked that one. 

"They're (Vanderbilt) for real.  That's an outstanding baseball team.  What a play Harris made at shortstop.  My gosh was that a beautiful play." 

Florida State Leftfielder Mike McGee

With two outs what were you looking for:
"I was just trying to get on base any way I could.  He threw the first pitch right there and I took it.  Then I happened to get another pitch that was good enough to hit and I really just tried to drive it and luckily I just got it up in the air and the ball was carrying pretty well today and I was able to get it out.  It was another fastball, pretty much right down the middle maybe in the outer half.  He (Reid) had a really good curve ball and he was throwing it to everyone today; I really didn't think I was going to get much to hit.  I figured it was going to be a rough at bat.  I just got lucky and got a pitch to hit.

Florida State Centerfielder Tyler Holt

Was the dugout surprised the Mike McGee hit a walk-off home run:
"If you expect a walk off win wait for Mike McGee to come up.  He's done it plenty of time this year.  All of the guys in the dugout whether it's Mike, me or Stuart Tapley or anyone on the team who comes in expects to get the job done.  That's exactly what Mike did.  I'm glad to have him on my team."

Florida State reliever Daniel Bennett

What were you thinking at the start of the ninth inning:
"Not really (on being nervous to start the ninth inning).  We knew we had a big lefty coming up first and I had to be careful with him -- don't really give him anything to put a good swing on.  After I got that out I got a lot of confidence.  I just tried to let them put the ball in play and have our defense make plays.  I was trying to be myself, that's basically what my game plan was." 



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