Vanderbilt-Stanford Postgame Quotes

June 6, 2014

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Postgame Quotes
Nashville Super Regional
Vanderbilt 11, Stanford 6

Stanford head coach Mark Marquess

On the game:
We just gave them too much early. Obviously you can't give a quality team like Vanderbilt many free baserunners and we did. Now credit to them, they got a couple of hits with people on base when they got on there, which kind of broke it open early. But then we were fortunate enough to get the same thing coming back. We had a couple of walks and base hits and got back in it. But we were just too far behind. Again it's one of those things. (John) Hochstatter pitched phenomenally and we wouldn't be here without him. But that was probably his poorest outing. He just was out of sync and didn't have command of any of his pitches, which is unlike him. Again, like I said, we wouldn't have been here without him. It's just one of those days for him. You can't give a quality team like Vanderbilt that many free baserunners and they took advantage of that."

"I thought (Brett) Hanewich really did us a good job for a freshman. So many guys question how do you feel walked lot of people with the first two guys? He came in and, as a freshman, it really could have gotten away from us but did a really good job and competed for us. I was really proud of how he pitched for us."

On choosing who to pitch to next in Friday's game:
"You can't use somebody that you're going to need to win tomorrow or to pitch Sunday. Tomorrow's a different story. If you don't win tomorrow, you're going home. But the first game's different. We got to the point where you're not going to use (A.J.) Vanegas, our closer, or (Marcus) Brakeman. We're not going to use those guys. We're going to try to get those younger guys and get an inning or two."

On facing Fulmer on the mound tomorrow:
"We faced him in relief I think twice when we were here earlier. He throws really hard and is really competitive. They have a good pitching staff. There's no easy guy they bring in. They have a good mix."

On message to team heading into tomorrow:
This is pretty easy because if you lose 2-1 in the ninth or something, it's a little bit more difficult. But we were so far behind and then we came back. We bounced back. There is not a lot you can say. You forget it and come back and try to play well tomorrow. In some ways if you're going to lose one, it's easier to lose one like this than it is a close one or when you're ahead and give it away."

Stanford freshman pitcher Brett Hanewich

On his approach coming out of the bullpen:
"Mentally, obviously when I'm in the bullpen, that's when I prepare myself more mentally. Telling myself throw strikes, throw strikes. Trying to give my guys a chance to come back. We did for it a little bit. It just wasn't enough. But I just wanted to do what is in my control and that's throwing strikes and putting zeroes on the board."

Stanford senior infielder Danny Diekroeger

On gaining confidence going into Saturday after coming back on Friday:
"That helps a little bit. We were definitely not going to quit. We've come too far and played too well to get here. The past six, seven weeks, it feels like we've had our season on the line in so many games. So it's nothing new for us, and we're definitely not going to roll over."

On facing Beede in the fourth and fifth innings:
"I mean he was pitching really well but then he walked a couple of us and gave us a little bit. When the guy's not throwing strikes, he lets you sit on one pitch. A couple of our guys did that and got some good hits. But I mean he's a great pitcher and gave us a little bit."

On struggling early in the game:
"It's definitely frustrating and it's tough. But you just got to keep going and have confidence that things might turn around. It definitely put a little sour taste in our mouths. We're looking forward to coming out tomorrow."

Vanderbilt head coach Tim Corbin

Opening statement: 
"Well it was a tale of two games in some ways, but I'm proud of the kids the way we attacked the baseball early. We took advantage of some walks and we took advantage of some free bases. We were able to capitalize early and jet out to what seemed like a big lead at the time. As we all know those leads are sometimes tough to contain when they come so early from a mental standpoint. But I really have to congratulate Tyler Ferguson for stopping the game where it was. There was a good amount of momentum from Stanford and you could see that they were trying to get back into the game. He came in and did a tremendous job. He's a kid who, because we have pitched so well, has not been able to touch a baseball in the last three weeks. But we talked as a team about how we were going to have to have each other's back in this tournament. Tyler certainly did that and then Brian (Miller) backed up Tyler Ferguson. We will take it and move forward."

On not getting too comfortable with a big lead: 
"You never (get comfortable). This is the part of the game that is hard for any age group. But you have to understand that the momentum changed and (Brett) Hanewich settled them (Stanford) down. But that is our style of baseball. We were hitting the ball well until the middle innings when (Hanewich) slowed us down. But Brian's RBI hit at the end was great. It gave us a sense of relief and I felt happy for the team -- that we were able to get that one run. Even though we had a four-run lead that one run still made a huge difference."

On kids not throwing strikes:  
"There was a lot of walks out there. Tyler (Beede) was trying to steer the ball towards the plate and it was getting away from him. We wanted to get him (Beede) through the fifth inning, but when Jose got that hit, we wanted to put Tyler Ferguson in and he contained the game. It was just one of those days, there wasn't a lot of strikeouts executed until the middle part and toward the end of the game. Tyler Beede has had to work with a lot of emotions, there was a lot that he had to deal with in the last 24 hours.  For him to pitch today wasn't easy. I thought he started very well. But you know what he was the happiest guy at the end of the game. Tyler (Ferguson) picked him up and we were able to win the game."

On Beede pitching with emotion about the draft: 
"We talked about it yesterday. I thought he tried to handle it the best he can. I don't know how a 21 year-old can navigate his way through that. It's a thing where he has been a first-round pick before and now he has another first-round opportunity. But he handled it the best he could. But regardless I'm really proud of him. He tried to get through the fifth inning, but wasn't able to. But it's over with now, we can move on from that."

On having guys like Tyler Ferguson in reserve
"You know it helps when you have solid guys who back Tyler (Beede) up. We just didn't need it last week. But every week is different and every game is different. And Ferguson was able to come in and was dying to pitch because we were a game short in pitching him in the SEC tournament and didn't get to pitch in the Regional.  So to get the baseball and pitch the way that he did, I was really proud of him and happy for our team that he was able to pick them up. And Brian Miller was also a guy who didn't have a lot of opportunities earlier and it was good to get him into the game as well."

Relief pitcher Tyler Ferguson

On nerves and settling down in the game:
"That first hitter was a little nerve wracking. I haven't been out there in a while, but was able to get that second guy out. From there I just started getting ahead of guys, and kept attacking them."

Mindset of the team with such a big lead:
"You know that's a good team over there. Even though we were up 10-0 you knew that team was going to fight back. They did it against Indiana. It's a team you can't really back down on. You just win every inning, and we started to do that towards the end."

On staying sharp between outings:
"Over the last few weeks I've been throwing intra-squad, and playing a lot of long toss. My arm feels good."

Left fielder Bryan Reynolds

Mindset at the plate when the opposing pitcher is struggling:
"We were able to check off the high balls, and make him come into the zone."

On difficulty of maintaining a rhythm with so few strikes thrown:
"It can (be difficult) sometimes, but you can't be up there hoping for a ball. You got to anticipate a strike, and if it's a ball just check off of it."

On being one win away from the College World Series:
"It's a pretty cool feeling. We just got to play how we play and everything will work out." 



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