Vanderbilt-Oregon Quotes

June 2, 2014

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Postgame Quotes
Nashville Regional
No. 1 Seed Vanderbilt 3, No. 2 Seed Oregon 2

Vanderbilt Head Coach Tim Corbin

Opening statement:
“I guess the first thing I want to say is to talk about Oregon. They’ve had quite a day, a long night. They were on the field at 10 a.m. taking (batting practice) and getting ready for a game, very emotional for them. I can imagine right now for them it hurts a little bit. They’re a heck of a team. They make you earn everything.

“Their offensive numbers don’t match up with what type of output and what type of pressure they put against you. You just feel like you’re battling every second of the game.” 

Walker Buehler’s complete game:
“You think you can outdo (Tyler) Beede. You think you can outdo (Carson) Fulmer. But, the man to my left pitched a tremendous, tremendous game. Because of the circumstances, it was tight the whole time. We didn’t have much going offensively. I thought (Stephen) Nogosek was outstanding for them, but Walker just kept the game at bay, got us deep into the game.”

“It was the way he came in the dugout. He came in with more energy as the game progressed. In the fifth and sixth inning he said ‘I’ve got my slider, I’ve got my slider going.’ He was coming into the dugout every time with more confidence and I could feel it. To get nine out of him — I didn’t see that.”

“I don’t think you go into a Regional thinking that’s going to happen. That’s an anomaly. To go eight, eight and nine, that just doesn’t happen…They didn’t give anything away and they couldn’t. Oregon is the type of the team that if you crack open the door a little bit, they’re going to make you pay.”

On Ro Coleman’s late-game heroics:
“You just couldn’t have asked for a better guy to finish the game. He’s why Vanderbilt is what it is. We have such a diverse roster but just to see that guy come up from Chicago and put the ball in play, I’m just proud of him.”

“I trust the kid. I trust the personality. The kid, what he stands for, what he has been through, and his dad. The fact that he’s at Vanderbilt University going to school is the best thing in the world, and I know he got that hit… He is who he is. He’s just real, a low maintenance guy and he’s tough as nails.” 

Pinch Hitter Ro Coleman

On his approach on game winning hit:
"I was just going to the plate relaxed looking for something good to drive, letting the ball travel, and just drive something the other way. I got a good pitch to hit, and I just drove it."

On getting the game-winning hit:
"I was just trying to make him come into my zone, and when it got 3-1 I knew he was going to come with a fastball. So, I was just ready to hit."

On the emotion of getting the game winning hit for this program:
"It feels great. Just to have great teammates. I love the school. Coach (Tim) Corbin is just a wonderful guy. It just feels great to be apart of this program, just wonderful."

On who he liked to thank at this moment:
"First I want to thank God for blessing me to be in a situation like that, but I really want to thank my dad because see if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be where I'm at right now."

Starting pitcher Walker Buehler

On how he was able to turn outing around after rough first:
"I think I kind of just settled in. Coming into the Regional you can get a little over anxious, and I left some balls up. As Coach Corbin said they are a talented offensive team. (Aaron) Payne started off the game with a first-pitch swing and got a hit. That kind of changes the complexion of innings. They battled us all day. "

On stamina and pitches staying mid-90's most of the game:
"I think the crowd had a lot to do with that. You know, Nashville was here today and they were loud, and every inning seemed like the ninth inning when I was on the mound. Adrenaline is a crazy thing."

On rivalry between pitchers and their performances:
"I don't know if I would say there is any rivalry. I think it's the best situation you can have. We have a lot of talented guys who throw the baseball, and you got guys that push each other. You can throw a no hitter, and someone is going to be behind you pushing you.... I think it pays off."

On what it means to him to perform the way he did:
"I'm just glad we pulled it off more than anything. I was proud of our team. We stuck together; nobody was on each other. We kind of have a harnessed attitude I think. Everyone was behind Ro. We haven't walked off a game this year, but we came darn close and Ro was the guy who hit it against South Carolina. So, I think we all had confidence in him, and it's just a fun way to go to Super Regionals."

Oregon Head Coach George Horton

Opening statement:
“Tough one obviously. I’m very proud of my entire organization. It's hard to explain. Unfortunately, we're in an industry that's measured by the scoreboard. My guys laid it on the line in this tournament like they've done so many times for us. We were hanging on a bit with a rope and unfortunately we didn't close it out. I think we gave the Commodores everything we could. I think that's probably reflective of the effort of our organization everyday in our lives and in the classroom.”

“We're crushed obviously. We had visions that we were going to do better here. Vanderbilt is awfully good and I congratulate Coach Corbin and his entire organization. I've known Tim (Corbin) for years and competed with him a lot in the last three years. I served on a committee with him and Tim is not only a brilliant coach but an even more special human being.”
“We've been knocking on the door, we just haven't been able to open that door and it's frustrating. I've said this before, and I love my team, but I don't think I've ever had a staff be more committed or more excellent than the one I have.”

On calling the last pitch (fastball):
“Yeah, it's a no brainer. Once it got to 3-0 I just hoped we could get the ball in play.”

Oregon Pitcher Stephen Nogosek
On getting the start tonight:
"It was nerve-wracking. I remember sitting in the hotel room before the game just trying to calm my nerves, talking with my family. I remember my brother just telling me 'Calm down. You've done it millions of times. It's just now you're on a little bit bigger stage.' I remember going out in the first inning with a lot of nerves but after the first pitch I kind of just settled in and realized it was just another game."

On keeping Vanderbilt off balance:
"My sliders were on tonight. Fastball was wild at times but I had command when I needed and just trusted Horton and his pitch calling. He’s one of the best so why not trust him."

On how he felt physically
"When I went back out in the seventh, I felt better than I did in the third. I progressively got stronger. Then after the seventh, mentally I wanted to go back out there but I knew I physically I couldn’t. My body was tired and I was at my end."

Oregon Senior shortstop Kevin Minjares
Reflecting on his career at Oregon:
"I want to start off by thanking Coach Horton for the opportunity to play for him. A lot of people thought I wouldn’t make it, so that’s the most important thing to thank Coach Horton for the opportunity. It’s a great program and not only did it teach the skills to be a good baseball player but a good human being in the game of life. That’s really all I can take from it. There’s more than just the game and that’s what Coach Horton teaches."

On the fielder’s choice in the eighth inning
"I mean if I got the same ball hit to me, I’m going to make the same play. I mean that’s we teach to go for and you can’t play the game scared. You know it’s athletics and it doesn’t always work out. There’s nothing more I can do."
Coach George Horton on Minjares:
"He made some spectacular plays before that. His first steps tonight were just unbelievable. Getting around those balls that were hit hard to his right. He had a lot of reps including the hit that put us ahead in the game. So he had a spectacular day.”



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