Xavier-Oregon Postgame Quotes

June 1, 2014

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Postgame Quotes

Nashville Regional

No. 2 Seed Oregon 11, No. 4 Seed Xavier 8 (10 innings)

Oregon Head Coach George Horton

On the game:

"Their ability to pick each other up the entire game, their bench play, (Desmond) Santos making that defensive play and quality at bat. We were able to turn around a couple of things. Lefthander (Trent) Astle gave us all that he had. He's not throwing Carson Fulmer-type stuff. It was 82 and an angle and wiggle. He frustrated the heck out of us and got his team in a position to win."

On pitching performance by (Brando) Tessar and bench play:
"Brando got the ball and didn't know he was going to do that until late last night. Certainly he pitched well enough to win. As we always say, players make coaches look smart. It was a quick hook by Brando but it was the right time. But it certainly backfired on us...The offense was able to pick it up. (Jordan) Spencer and (Garrett) Cleavinger were spectacular. The way we started this season was outstanding bench play and hoped that would continue through this season and hope we do the same thing tonight."

On decision to pull Brando:
"The mentality of him, he had three really rough outings in a row. Since we put him in the Sunday slot. He had one good outing against Arizona then he wasn't so good for the next three weekends. As a coach, you tend to kind of hold your breath or play. I could tell right away he was a little sharper, a little (cleaner) and a little more speed than his previous three.”

"Kudos to Coach (Scott) Googins and the Xavier ball club. They weren't squaring a lot of balls left for a long time then all of sudden five and three, boom, boom. I'm sure that's what they've done to get here the entire year."

Oregon RHP Senior Brando Tessar
On mood in dugout and bench:
"We had really good energy the whole game, especially when we got down that's when our energy got better. We had a lot of trust in our teammates and build each other to get back into the game. That's exactly what we did. It wasn't any different to compare the moods compared yesterday and today. I mean we were fighting for our lives. We'll keep the jersey on and play another game. So it's a little different. But it wasn't a tense mood. We relaxed and were having fun.”



On getting pulled out of the game:
"I mean I'm competitive and want to stay in the game as long as possible. But I respect every decision that coach makes. My last couple of innings have gone sideways quick so I understood. I was just happy to get out there, extend my innings and help my team."

On late night notice he would be starting:
"I got a text from one of our coaches, Coach (Dean) Stiles, around 12 (a.m.) and let me know I was in the game today. I was really excited. I wanted the ball. That's where I've been working for to get back in that spot.”

On performance in the first few innings:
"I had some mechanical issues going on my last couple of outings. I came out of the dugout and the mentality was good. Josh (Graham) was setting up great as a catcher. We had a really good called strikes and the defense was playing great, too.”

Xavier Coach Scott Googins
On finishing the season:
“First I’d like to congratulate Oregon and Coach (George) Horton on a great job today… They deserved it. They earned it. I’d also like to thank Vanderbilt. They did a great job during this Regional. I’d also like to thank our fans and former alumni, former players for all of their support and coming down. It was great to see them come back and get in touch with them.“

“I’m very proud of the 2014 baseball team. At Xavier, we did it all on the field and off. We had a 3.3 (GPA) last semester and a 3.2 this semester and Big East Tournament champions and I’m proud of what we accomplished, but more, it’s tough to say goodbye to our 10 seniors. They did it this year with leadership, their commitment, their dedication to the program. I don’t think they realize the impact not only they made on the program, but me personally.”

On late errors:

“Our guys battled hard. Those mistakes were made with full effort, full intention, so you can’t fault that. Mistakes are part of the game. Things happen for a reason, and right now it’s tough to see what that reason is, but it’s going to make those guys better, and it’s going to make our program better. It could be some from inexperience, that’s part of it, but those are the guys that brought us here and I’m very proud of them.”

Moving forward:
“It’s important for our guys in the program to see the legacy the seniors are leaving to the guys. You look at Clemson, you look at Vanderbilt, you look at Oregon, these are the times that if you want to play, you want to go to Omaha, those are the teams you have to compete with…When I first started coaching here I talked about making it big-time where you are. Xavier’s a big-time place. Our basketball team speaks for itself, and we’re trying to do that with baseball.”
“This was a big-time atmosphere, Vanderbilt putting on this regional, and I hope that our guys are hungry to come back.”

On pulling Trent Astle:
“It was tough. Trent threw a very good game for us. At that point in time, very similar to the Big East Championship, the wind was blowing out today, you had a couple of flares. Do you stay with him? It was tough getting Trent out.”

First baseman Joe Forney
On Nashville and the Regional:
"Personally, it has been awesome. Vanderbilt has been incredible from the security and everything. Guys greeting us and wishing us luck no matter who we were playing. So, I just really appreciate that from Nashville and just Vanderbilt in general."

On feelings of season to this point:
“There's definitely mixed feelings. Our backs have been against the wall pretty much all year. We have faced a lot of adversity, and today for a minute there we thought we were going to go into a game against Vanderbilt. For me, personally, I'm just proud of our team. Proud of the seniors. Tough to see them leave, but that's how baseball goes sometimes.”

On reaction from support of fans and alumni:
"I think we definitely gained a few fans in this whole process, which I'm very excited about. Then also just our loyal fans that were here this weekend. I know a lot of my family is at home watching these games so it has been fun. It has been fun getting text messages, social media, and everyone contacting us. I think we gained about 400 followers on Twitter, so it's pretty cool."

Catcher Daniel Rizzie

On how the game ended:
"I don't know if it was necessarily nerves, it's just baseball. That's the way it goes sometimes. It just didn't work out the way we wanted it to. The ball just didn't fall in our direction. It's tough, but it's part of the game"

On Nashville and the Regional:
"Nothing but positive things you can say about this regional. The way everything was handled. The security, the guys greetings us on the field, and the maintenance crew — I mean three rain delays. You guys did a great job. So, nothing but positive things to say."

On emotion of gaining lead at that point:
"We believed (we could win) the whole game from the first inning. We struggled a little offensively the first couple of innings, but we knew that we would get to him. Once those runs came we wanted to tag on more. It just didn't happen. We thought our pitching staff would hold them, but that didn't happen either. I mean it's not pitchers versus hitters; it's the whole team. You win as a team; you lose as a team. It's just tough to swallow."

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