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Oct. 14, 2010

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Joe, has Jay Fullam lost his starting spot at safety or is he injured? I noticed he wasn't playing against Eastern Michigan. Thanks.
-- Just wondering in GA

    For right now, it appears the coaches think Kenny Ladler has a little bit of an edge and is thus in the starting lineup. Kenny is a great story; enrolling at Vanderbilt in January so he could take part in spring practice and it really paid off. He's got a good motor, he's physical and has also become a valuable special teams player. Jay Fullam will continue to get playing time back there and will continue to improve. It's actually a good situation depth wise for us.

I am a season ticket holder and a huge Vandy fan. I heard a lot about Chris Boyd #80 before the season. I didn't even see him dressed out Saturday. Was he there? Is he still on the team? GO DORES!!!!!!
-- Chris (Lebanon, Tenn.)

    It appears right now the plan is to redshirt Chris, but he's had a busy week in practice. All week long, Chris has been wearing the #8 jersey to represent Georgia's talented receiver A.J. Green going against our defense.

Joe, thanks for doing such a great job. A "did you know" question from someone who attends the games while listening to your broadcast -- in the Eastern Michigan game, your broadcast was delayed a few seconds. I wonder if that will be remedied in the future. In the past I've noticed a delay at the beginning of basketball games, but it goes away early in the first half. Again, thanks for the job you do.
-- Doug (Culleoka)

    I got several questions in the mailbag on this topic this week. Most radio stations have a "delay" system that allows them to try and prevent obscenity getting on the air. For some reason, the delay was on for part of the first half, even though the system at the transmitter was indicating it was off. We will certainly double check that from now on to try and prevent it from happening again. As for the delay at the start of basketball last season, those games aired on WGFX, which is a full time sports talk station. They basically keep the delay turned on all the time, and there were a couple of occasions where it was simply left on at the start of our broadcast. It is something on our checklist now to make sure of in pregame.

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