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Oct. 8, 2010

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Hey Joe, can you give us an injury update? I know we have Jamie Graham back and we are losing Chris Marve. The RBs seem healthy. What about the defensive line?
-- Little Rock, Ark.

    Chris Marve had his knee scoped earlier this week and he will not play against Eastern Michigan. There is strong hope that he will be back for Georgia next week. Adam Smotherman practiced in full pads middle of the week in hopes that he’d be back, but his knee did not respond well afterward and he won’t play this week either. T.J. Greenstone is also unlikely to play this week, still recovering from a high ankle sprain.

Coach Caldwell said Connecticut was forcing us to run the ball inside. How does a defense force a team to run inside without leaving holes in the secondary or up the middle and why weren't we able to effectively counter it?
-- Aaron (Lebanon, Tenn.)

    Until Vanderbilt can prove it can pass the football effectively, teams are going to load up eight players or so in the box. In doing so, they’re able to many times seal off around the tackles with linebackers or defensive ends and sort of funnel you to the middle. Remember, one of our biggest plays at Connecticut was the reverse pitch to Jonathan Krause that took advantage of their over pursuit. Much of the challenge falls on our offensive line to control the point of attack, much like it did at Ole Miss.

Joe, maybe you can answer a question for me. In the Tennessee game at the end when LSU scored, they deemed the game over without kicking the extra point. I thought if the extra point was blocked and the other team ran it back to their end zone, they would be awarded 2 points. That would have made that game tied. Am I wrong? Thanks.
-- B. Tate (Middlesboro, Tenn.)

    You are correct that if LSU had attempted the extra point and it was blocked and returned to the other end zone it would be two points. In that particular instance, Tennessee players were already leaving the field and LSU was celebrating. Even if LSU had been forced to run the play, they would have most certainly just lined up in the victory formation and taken a knee, so it was a given that the PAT was not necessary.

I don't have a question but I'd like to comment that the Vandy game against UConn was an exciting one. While I'm happy with the outcome and I know the Vandy fans are not, I appreciate the "class act" displayed by the Commodores and their fans. It was a pleasure to have the team and their fans up here in Connecticut.
-- John (Glastonbury, Conn.)

    Thank you, John, for your kind words. Aside from the outcome, it was certainly an enjoyable visit to East Hartford. The stadium is excellent, the tailgaters were there in force early and everyone I dealt with was extremely nice. We look forward to your visit to Vanderbilt Stadium in September of 2011.

Since 1987, I have purchased a Football media guide. I called the ticket office and was told they aren't selling media guides this year. I was wondering how I could purchase one? If u could, Joe, let me know. Thanks.
-- Robert (Hendersonville, Tenn.)

    The NCAA made some significant changes in the production and use of media guides for this season. It is a combination of trying to cut costs and also eliminate the use of guides in recruiting. Guides can no longer be furnished in printed form to prospective student athletes or their parents, though they can be provided by CD or flash drive. The size, color usage and content of the guides has also been restricted. As a result, many institutions around the country have gone to a limited printing of media guides, with their primary use now specifically for the media. Instead, most make them available online, as do we. You can go to, click on the Virtual Vanderbilt link, then under football, click on Fact Book.

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