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Joe Fisher's Mailbag, Sept. 6

Sep 6, 2013

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Will Jerron Seymour, aka mini Barry Sanders, get more carries in the near future?
- Richard Hickson (Brunswick, Ga.)

There's no question Jerron will continue to be an important element of our offense. As the Rebels found out last week, he's hard to find and harder to catch and hit. But at 5'7" and 200 pounds, he packs a pretty good wallop too. John Donovan has a lot of weapons at his disposal in the backfield. I think he'll continue to rotate Wesley Tate, Brian Kimbrow and Jerron Seymour. You'll also likely see him stick at times with the back that seems to have the hot hand in a game.

Why is the read option so difficult for our players to defend?
- Keith Boyd (Old Hickory, Tenn.)

Coach Franklin talked after the game about how important it is for each player defending the read option to stick to and perform their assignment. A step in the wrong direction, taking a wrong angle or being a second late in making a decision could make the difference. Even though it was a loss, the good news about last week's game is it gave Bob Shoop and the staff a great teaching tool for improvement, and Shoop said the defense has responded with some of its best practices this week.

How is Bryan Kimbrow? He took a hard hit on Thursday and had to be helped off the field. I have not read if he has a concussion or not. Could you update his status?
- David Ingram (Nashville)

Brian did take quite a shot on that return, but has practiced all week as normal and is fine. It will be interesting to see what Coach Franklin and special teams coordinator Charles Bankins elect to do in the kickoff return game. Andre Hal is listed first on the depth chart, but true freshman Darrius Sims had an excellent 34-yard return on his one opportunity.

After Matthews took the hit to the midsection late in the game, he started throwing up. The TV people started saying he must have a concussion. Is there any truth to that or was it simply just a hit to the midsection of a dehydrated man? Is he okay for next Saturday?
- David Proctor (Montgomery, Ala.)

There was a lot of speculation and talk about this after the game. Jordan addressed it himself in the postgame saying he simply took a big hit to the stomach and that it was shortly after he had taken in a lot of fluids to try and alleviate cramping. Head trainer Tom Bossung and the Vanderbilt Sports Medicine and University Medical Center staff are among the best in the business.There's no way they would allow a player onto the field if he's not medically sound. Coach Franklin made it clear as well; that decision is in the hands of the medical staff, not the coaches. The other point to be made here is that it behooves all of us (media, fans, etc.) to avoid speculation, especially about issues where we aren't the experts.



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