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My Game: Megan Gornet

June 5, 2013

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After four years with the Vanderbilt women's tennis team, senior Megan Gornet is ready to face her next opponent: Johns Hopkins University. The St. Louis, Mo., native will begin medical school at the prestigious university in Baltimore next fall. She follows in the footsteps of both parents, who also attended JHU.

GornetCommodore Nation: Both your parents are doctors, did that influence your decision to choose medicine?

Megan Gornet: I grew up getting to see the rewards and sacrifices of being a doctor. It's definitely been something I've wanted to do, as a result of that. For myself, I also want to help people, but seeing my parents do it was a big factor.

Nation: What kind of doctor do you want to be?

Gornet: I have to try everything out in med school, but one of the things I've always talked about was being an orthopedic surgeon so that I could continue to work with athletes.

Nation: When did you decide that this was the career you wanted to pursue?

Gornet: My interest in science and all that kind of stuff started when I was little and wanted to be an entomologist, which is someone who studies bugs. That kind of gradually evolved into a love for biology and then eventually medicine. I had the opportunity to shadow a couple of doctors and that was when it really cemented it for me.

Nation: What are you most looking forward to as a doctor?

Gornet: One of the things that I've been able to see is how thankful people are of my parents. We'll be out around town and people will come up to my parents and say, `thank you so much for what you did.' After experiencing that with my parents, to change someone's life is something I couldn't pass up.

Nation: What appeals to you about Johns Hopkins? Gornet: I was born there, which is something that is interesting. It's kind of like my life is coming full circle. My parents met in med school and had me, so it's kind of funny how it works out. Also, Johns Hopkins has a lot of tradition and I really value that.

Nation: Do you watch any medical TV shows? Gornet: Not really any of the drama shows, but I like watching `Untold Stories of the ER' and `Mystery Diagnosis.' Those are my favorite doctor-related TV shows. I also watch `House' sometimes.

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