My Game: Christina Foggie

Christina Foggie

Feb. 11, 2013

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Christina Foggie is the Southeastern Conference's reigning scoring champion after averaging 17.7 points per game as a sophomore last season. Growing up in the Philadelphia suburb of Mount Laurel, N.J., Foggie was a child model who appeared in catalogs, magazines and as the daughter of Denzel Washington's character in Philadelphia.

CookbookCommodore Nation: How did it come about that you were a child model?

Christina Foggie: My older brother (James) was a model. I guess my mom saw an ad in a paper: "Your kid could be a model." So she brought my brother over and got him involved with an agency. When I was born they put me in with that. It was a nice little start to something growing up that I diduntil I was about eight. Then I started turning to sports.

CN: You had to choose one or the other?

FOGGIE: Kind of, yeah. I guess I got to the point where I was ready to make my own decisions about what I wanted to do and I was really into sports, so I started doing that.

CN: Do you ever wonder "what if" you had continued modeling?

FOGGIE: Not really, because sports worked out so well for me. I made the right decision.

CN: You appeared in the movie Philadelphia?

FOGGIE: Yeah. I was one, so I don't remember. But I can watch it and say "Oh, that is me." The first time I ever saw the whole movie actually was only about five years ago, but my mom used to show me the clip.

CN: What were some of your other jobs?

FOGGIE: One of the home parenting magazines, I was a baby model on the cover of that. And I was in a lot of clothing ads, like J. C. Penney, and sporting goods, modeling Eagles gear and stuff like that.


Foggie with Lisa Summerour, who played Denzel Washington's wife in Philadelphia.

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