My Game: Betsy Galenti

Betsy Galenti

Jan. 14, 2013

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Of the estimated 11,842 lakes in her home state of Minnesota, VU senior swimmer Betsy Galenti claims she has swum in only three. With her hometown of Stillwater averaging 42 inches of snow per year, she split her time competing in indoor pools and with her high school's cross country skiing team.

GalentiCommodore Nation: After growing up in Minnesota, how have you adjusted to life in the South?
Betsy Galenti: Last year I found myself sitting at a football game, and I was in a sun dress, wearing cowboy boots and drinking sweet tea. That's when I realized I'd been corrupted. I did not foresee that at all. My favorite thing [about Nashville] is probably the country music scene.

CN: Do you still ski when you get back home?
BG: Yes. And in the summer, I roller ski. YouTube it. It's these little skis with two wheels and you just ski normally. It's really fun, so I do that sometimes at home to cross-train. They're the same width as regular skis, but they're short. And you use the same ski boots, but change out the tips on your poles.

CN: As cold as it gets in Minnesota, what makes swimming so popular?
BG: It's dark most of the time in the winter and it's miserable outside, so you might as well go inside and swim. I still always go back and train with my high school team. It's fun to see those guys.

CN: You list dentistry as your career goal. What made you choose that?
BG: As a kid, it terrified me. The dentist freaked me out; I could not handle it. I always thought, maybe I could do this better. Now I'm a medicine, health and society major, so I've been taking a lot of pre-med classes, lots of lab sciences with all the National Merit kids. It's been interesting.

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