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Through the years, Vanderbilt fans have adopted the cheer, "Who Ya With? VU," at sporting events and pep rallies. From the cheer spawned Vanderbilt's 'VU' hand sign. The sign has become a highly recognizable symbol throughout Commodore Nation and has been spotted at sporting events, weddings and everything in between.

Introduced by Vanderbilt's cheerleaders in 2003, the popular "VU" hand sign is formed with the thumb, index finger and middle finger of your right hand, palm out. The index finger and middle finger form the 'V' and the 'U' is formed by the thumb.

To show your support for Vanderbilt athletics, we are asking fans to submit photos of themselves, friends and family members displaying the "VU" hand sign from all parts of the world.

The photos can be taken at your home, sporting events, famous locations around the globe, anywhere the Commodore Nation is. Do you have a photo of yourself with the "VU" hand sign at a football game? How about at the Eiffel Tower? Great and great, we'd love to see.

Please submit the photos by tweeting @vucommodores or via e-mail.

When you submit a photo, please identify who is pictured, where the photo was taken and when. The images will then be displayed on and Vanderbilt social media sites. See below for the images that have been submitted.


Sam T. Harper (BA75) at top of Tooth of Time Peak, Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, N.M., in Sept. 2015.

Tony Banniza anchoring down with golf buddies in spring 2015.

Carl Hill at Dore Jam

Carl Hill with NASCAR NEXT driver Ryan Gifford.

Campers at Short Mountain Bible Camp in Woodbury, Tenn. Submitted by Tim Knox.

Watching the Commodores in Omaha.

Frank Kirchner in Moab, Utah

Taking in a Braves game. Betty, Jermaine, Prentice & Carl P.

Jane Kirchner during 2015 Nashville ice storm.

Photo submitted by @jimmypmitchell.

Santa brough Jon-Mical the perfect canvas. Photo submitted by @jenncourtney16.

Submitted by @TheJenNoe at the SEC Championship in Atlanta.


Casey Hall (nurse from 7RW) on the Great Wall of China in June 2014.

Trish Craft (Graduate Medical Education) in Castelmuzio, Italy on Oct. 26, 2014.


texas 300 vu 101714
Vandy alums, Tom DeWitt and TX State Rep. David Simpson (in the hat) throw their signs in Tyler while waiting for US Sen Ted Cruz.

Tony Banniza with the #3 ranked Vanderbilt women's golf team. Takent 9-26-2014 @ Nashville International Airport.


Lindsey Dolohanty and Taylor and Dave Brodell making s'mores before the kickoff against Temple. Everyone is wearing black even though not being at the stadium.

Frank Kirchner at Chihuly Gardens and Glass (Seattle, Wash).

Dana Cothern representing VU at the Collosseum in Rome.

Dana Cothern representing VU with Guard at Windsor Castle in London.

Dana Cothern in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Madelyn C. Johnson ('70) at Stonehenge.

Madelyn C. Johnson ('70) in front of Big Ben in London, England.

Madelyn C. Johnson ('70) at an English pub in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In Chicago (by Adler Planetarium) for Alice Ji's 30th birthday.
Pictured - Left to Right:
Kyle Wilson ('06), Alice Ji ('06) Katie Jordan ('06), Ashley Heard ('06), Melissa Pugeda ('05).


Dave and David Furtwengler (VU Engineering '91) on a mission trip to care for boys in a juvenile prison in Nassau, Bahamas. This picture taken the morning after the baseball national championship. We didn't have connectivity but heard about the outcome!

Vanderbilt baseball cake for Austin's sixth birthday. Submitted by @Robe913.

Running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Submitted by @Charliepayne232.

Carl Hill at the 2013 Falcons-Titans game.

The Braeuner Family (Joe, Henry, Hallie, McKenna, Will and Stephanie) at the University of Virginia on July 5, 2014. (Note 2014 Baseball National Champions shirt!).

Michael tubing on a lake in east Tennessee. Photo submitted by PJ Sloan (@phillipjsloan).

Tony Banniza and Vandy Lance at the national championship celebration.


Michael Sloan at the Vandy soccer youth camp.

Submited by @Kaila41_73 from Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas.

vu sign kids 6-10-14
Easton and Brayden going to their first Vanderbilt baseball game. Photo submitted by @thebuker4.

Michael Greenfield Anchoring Down at St. George Island, Fla.

C. Todd Chapman (A&S 1989) with David Price pitching in the background on June 6, 2014..


Michael Goodman at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison.

Alan Hall with the Winston Churchill statue in Parliament Square.

Alan Hall at the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens, London, England.


Adam Lemons and Todd Jenkins in Lake Tahoe, Calif., February, 2013.

Anchoring down with Connor Harrell after a Lakeland Tigers game.

300 vu sign walker buehler 4-14-14
Submitted by @VandyProud13.

Maizie, Gavin, and Tristan Zwenger. Submitted by their father, Travis Zwenger ('02). Pictures are from trip to Nashville for the UGA game in October 2013. The family drove from Wichita Kan.

Maizie, Gavin, and Tristan Zwenger. Submitted by their father, Travis Zwenger ('02). Pictures are from trip to Nashville for the UGA game in October 2013. The family drove from Wichita Kan.

Martin Deron, a native of France, in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Joe Hrasna shows his Vanderbilt spirit as an extra on the show "Nashville."

Joe Hrasna with his 86-year old father, Joe, at the Kentucky football game in 2013.

Landyn at Monkey Joe's. Photo submitted by @kristen_turk.


Michael Dolohanty and children, Catherine Dolohanty and Sean Dolohanty, on Spring Break in St. Thomas. All of them are anchoring down. Photo submitted by Kevin Dolohanty.

Lindsey Brodell and Kevin Dolohanty ('05) were married in early March. Among those in attendance were Jimmy Kerrigan ('06), Deborah Gensburg Kerrigan ('06), Albert Benton Merkel Jr ('05), Michael Croley ('05) and Jenna Kinsinger ('13 undergrad, currently in Vanderbilt School of Nursing).

The Maid of Honor talked about the couple's love for Vandy during her toast, and taught everyone how to do the "VU" hand sign. There was also a photo booth, and a lot of people decided to use the "VU" hand sign in the photos. This was not prompted, and the couple was overwhelmed by how much VU love was shown that night.

Mike, Cheryl, Doris and Keith.

Carole and Chick

vu sign wedding 3-19-14
Stacey and Tim

Kevin, Lindsey, Dave and Taylor

Jimmy and Deborah

Carey Spear and Chase White at Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon.

Brad Hughes ('06) snorkeling in the coral reefs at Culebra, Puerto Rico. The photo was taken on Dec. 18, 2013.

640 vanderbilt wedding julie bartholomew
Former Vanderbilt golfers Helen Richards Lamons ('08), Jacqui Concolino ('09), Kristen Svicarovich ('07), Julie Bartholomew ('08) and former Vandy coach Tracy Parsons at Kristin Svicarovich's wedding in Portland, Oregon.


Photo submitted by @kristen_turk.

Sarah Ruggiero of Port Jefferson is practicing her oboe solo in preparation for her 1st New York State Music Competition. Sarah is sporting Vanderbilt gear given to her as a gift from MaryClare Langan, a graduate of Vanderbilt University.

Pat and Tony Connor at 8th Annual Father Son Bowl on Feb. 1, 2014 at the YMCA fields in Franklin, Tenn.

Pat and Tony Connor, Aaron Groleau at 8th Annual Father Son Bowl on Feb. 1, 2014 at the YMCA fields in Franklin, Tenn..

Vanderbilt senior Eric Turner and Alex Trebek.

Steven Groover anchoring down from 12,000 feet. @sgrooves.

vu sign super bowl 2-7-14
Jonathan Payne ('10) on the field at Super Bowl XLVIII in East Rutherford, N.J.

vu sign fans at bbva compass bowl
At the BBVA Compass Bowl. Photo submitted by Daley Sallis.

Elijah with Rod Odom after Vanderbilt's game against Mississippi State on Feb. 1. Photo submitted by Beth Kidd.

Will Edge ('10) teaching the "VU" sign. Photo submitted by Todd Reinkemeyer.

Photo submited by @willpridemore in Park City, Utah.


vu sign transformers 1-20-14
Mom Dukes with Tyler Dixon at Universal Orlando.

Anantha Rishikesan Thamotharan in Conshohocken, Pa.

Wedding of Dabney Lipscomb Wilkerson to William Carlton Wilkerson during July 2013 in Jackson, Miss.

Dr. Lewis Lipscomb ('59, Med '64), Laura Askew ('05), Dr. Ami Waters ('05), Dr. Beth Cottrill ('05), Rev. Courtney Allen ('05), Jeff Wilson ('05), Sally Boesel Wilson ('05), Dabney Lipscomb Wilkerson ('05 & '07), Anne Wilkerson Burns ('04), Susanna Singleton ('05), Kevin Leucht ('95), Katie Dorian Paden ('06), Clint Paden ('05), Jayme Hull Driscoll ('05), Kathy Fewel ('69), Dr. Lewis Lipscomb Jr. ('94).

Wedding of Dabney Lipscomb Wilkerson to William Carlton Wilkerson during July 2013 in Jackson, Mississippi. Left to right: Anne Wilkerson Burns (A&S '04), Susanna Singleton (Peabody '05), Dabney Lipscomb Wilkerson (Peabody '05, MSN '07), Katie Dorian Paden (A&S '06), Sally Boesel Wilson (A&S '05), Jayme Hull Driscoll (A&S '05).

St. Louis Vanderbilt Alumni Chapter volunteered at the St. Louis Food bank. Former Commodores and current St. Louis Rams players Zac Stacy and Chris Williams joined the group. The group ended up sorting through 27,000 lbs of food, enough to provide 22,000 meals for the less fortunate in the area. Photos submitted by Kevin Dolohanty.

Matthew with son, Ethan, in Portland, Maine.

Jennifer Noe bringing in 2014 in her black and gold.

Photo submitted by Lance Gammon from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


Royce Miller's preschool graduation. Photo submitted on Twitter by @bigrahh1.

Christmas with a Vanderbilt Santa Clause. Photo submitted by David Floyd (@floydbd).

Keith Anderson ('83) and Bobby Johnson ('81) at Vanderbilt's game against Georgia.

Amanda Hamblin's (Class of 2009) wedding at The Hermitage, Home of Andrew Jackson, October 12, 2013 Amanda is with Derian Hamblin, Anne-Marie Olarte Bellows (2009) Anna Simon Hoy (2009) and Molly McShane.

Photo submitted by Jose Singson at the Bowl Announcement Celebration with James Franklin.

Sean Lee standing in front of George Washington Vanderbilt II's (Cornelius Vanderbilt's grandson) Biltmore House in Asheville, N.C. November 2, 2013.

275 brad allen 12-03-13 vu sign
Former Vanderbilt tight end Brad Allen (class of 2008) from the balcony of Neuschwanstein Castle near Füssen, Germany in November 2013.

Sydney Bhandari, in Destin, Florida, on December 1, 2013. Photo submitted by her mother, Allison Bhandari (Class of 1981)

Elijah Kidd, a future member of Vanderbilt's class of 2028, celebrates the win over Wake Forest. Photo submitted by Sandra Kidd ('80).

Masato Yuasa (orthopaedics and rehabilitations), Kent Nash Yuasa (5-month old son), Nika Yuasa (4-year old daughter).

Masato Yuasa showing his "VU" sign during halftime of Vanderbilt's game at Tennessee.

Photo submitted by Paul Green via Twitter before the Wake Forest game.

275 vu sign thames river 12-02-13
Submitted by Alex Fallis alongside the River Thames in England.

275 vu sign tailgate 12-2-13
Submitted by @jenncourntey16 tailgating before the Wake Forest game.


Photo submitted by Kelly B @kbahiraei on Twitter

Photo submitted by Ashley Thurmond at Neyland Stadium.

Photo submitted by Jason Robinson.

Fans supporting Vanderbilt's swimming team in Atlanta.

Photo submitted by Kim Goodall.

Ken Colorigh, Edwin Zimmerle, Daryl Yoes, Joey Colorigh and Kaleb Regan tailgating before the Kentucky game.

Cole on his way to the game against Kentucky. Photo submitted by Ray Montgomery.

Ed and Sue Clark anchoring down at the Titans-Colts game.

Mr. and Mrs. MiamiDore celebrating the historic victory over UF in The Swamp with Coach Franklin.

Jessica and Robby Miller at the Swamp for Saturday's big win over Florida.

Fred Peterson gets a photo of a fan throwing up a "VU" sign after Vanderbilt's win against Florida.

Jim McMullen outside The Swamp just after Vanderbilt defeated the Gators.

Carl Hill on Elk River.

Kara McIvor, BA 1993 (College of Arts & Sciences), JD 1997 (Washington & Lee University) with 8-year old son, Stratton McIvor.

Eric Harmon played football at Vanderbilt, lettering 84 and 86. Showing the sign at the completion of the Scottish Highland Games in Tokyo Japan Oct 2013 that I traveled to from Guam.

Ken Maynard, class of 1973 at his home in Franklin, Tenn., on November 5, 2013 after I returned from my orthopedic surgeon's office. I had a serious fall in 2009 which resulted in ankle replacement surgery two weeks ago. Knowing that I was a VU alum, he designed this special cast for me. There is still months of wheel chairs, crutches, and physical therapy, but I will continue to ANCHOR DOWN!

Laura Gonzalez and Taylor McCullough at the swamp on November 9th.


Photo submitted by Erica Martinez.

Photo submitted by Drew Renshaw

Photo submitted by Jimmy Mitchell (@jimmypitchell).

Leyton at Disney World. Submitted by @mrenee5

Photo submitted by Rachel Rodriguez after the Georgia football game.

Photo submitted by Darrin Reynolds after the Georgia football game.

Cona Menard ('86) and Liz Menard ('17) in Longboat Key, Fla.

Shelby Jones

vu sign st. maarten 10-14-13
In St. Maarten. Photo submitted by Greg (@FreeG).

John & Rebecca Kidd (A&S '06 and A&S '05) on the Tennessee Tornado at Dollywood on October 7.

Patrick Burton in New Zealand near their tallest mountain, Mount Cook, in July of this year.

Meg Smath with a minion showing his Commodore spirit.

Little Commodore showing his VU while finishing a bottle. Photo submitted by Mary Spann.

Christian and Kaden Schiro share their twin Dores experience with their sister, Kaylyn, and Coach. Photo submitted by Rich Wilson.

Matt Rose and daughter, Audrey Grace (5 months old), at the Star Walk before the VU v. UAB football game.

Andrew Claiborne and Rocky Cole Claiborne supporting VU on the day Rocky was born. Andrew is a lifelong Vandy fan, and his wife (Rocky's mom) Lily Claiborne got her MS (2006) and PhD (2011) at Vandy and now teaches in the Dept of Earth & Environmental Sciences. Lily is not pictured. Photo was taken on June 27, 2013 at VUMC Hospital.


Submitted by Bill and Rosanne Breen at the Vanderbilt-UMass game.

Granny Mac supporting the Commodores in Hawaii. Submitted by Travis McKnight.

At the Hy-Vee IronKids in Atlanta. Submitted by Amy Trocchi.

Fernando Murphy with former VU safety Reshard Langford on-board the Carnival Elation somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico.

Photo submitted by Sam Howard.

Ani Kate Bashin showing her Commodore spirit.

Carlos Uroza with Coach Franklin.

Jared Watts of Baxter, Tenn., celebrating his 25th birthday with a Vanderbilt helmet cake.

Matthias Schwab and Charlie Ewing.

Photo submitted by Amy Campbell.

Tailgating in Vandyville. Submitted by @Cmerbitz.

Photo submitted by Scott Reed.

James Franklin's nephew (Jeremy Sharpe) 90lb Penndel Wildcats football team after their game on Sept. 7. The Penndel Wildcats won 14-0 vs. Lansdale Canoneers. Photo submitted by Coach Franklin's sister, Debra Sharpe.

Kevin Dolohanty (A&S '05) and friends on a lake in Mississippi over the Labor Day weekend.

640 mcsa 9413
Medical Center Staff Advisory Council grabbing a photo with Coach Franklin after he spoke to the group. Photo submitted by Lynn Booker.

This photo is of Jack Wade, Drew Sanders, Derek Williams, and Chris Gilbert, all from the class of 2003. The four were celebrating their 10-year reunion over Labor Day weekend. The photo was from the top of Mt. Elbert in Colorado. It's the tallest peak in the Rocky Mountains at 14,433 feet.

This photo was taken this past Labor Day at a football/Labor Day party. Jim Sharpe, James Franklin's brother-in law is in the center of the photo wearing a Phillies shirt. Photo submitted by Coach Franklin's sister, Debra Sharpe.
Joe Fisher, Mike Minor and various members of the St. Louis Vanderbilt Alumni Association. The group met at Busch Stadium for the St Louis Cardinals - Atlanta Braves game on Aug. 23, 2013. Minor met with the group before the game.

Myke Ondek's black and gold cat throwing the "VU" hand sign.Says Ondek: "Of course she had a little help but it is all in the spirit of the game. Her Vandy football is her favorite toy."


Men's golfers Hunter Stewart (left) and Charlie Ewing (right) at Niagara Falls in June, 2013.

Vanderbilt's women's cross country team at their preseason team camp.

Deborah Gensburg Kerrigan (Peabody '06) right before giving birth to our first daughter, Avigail Reece Kerrigan (c/o 2035), at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. Photo submitted by her husband, Jimmy Kerrigan (A&6 '06).

Photo submitted by Zach Mryncza.

Photo submitted by @Cmerbitz.

Zach Freeman with Coach Franklin at Dore Jam. Photo submitted by Julie Freeman.

Lynna, Logan and Leah in Tybee Island. Photo submitted by Scott Reed.

My son Michael and Coach Franklin at the employee picnic. Photo submitted by Timberly Sloan.

Submitted by Wayne Reeder.

Submitted by Joel Tanem from Minnesota.

Mallary Hodges (BA '07) and Peter Shanahan (BE '06), both resident physicians at VUMC. The picture was taken at Machu Picchu, Peru in February 2013.

Scott Glidden, class of 2003, with Bill Schenk, class of 1984, during a promotion ceremony from Captain to Major, Fort Campbell Special Forces, August 1st.

Aneesh Tyle, a senior at Vanderbilt got onto local TV at the end of a newscast in Chicago.

275 pisa 8613 vu photo
No "VU" sign, but Goran Bojic holds up a Vanderbilt shirt in Pisa, Italy, on July, 2 2013.

640 pharoah 8513
Saturday Night Live's Jay Pharoah and Erik Baptist ('01) in Arlington, Va. (after a comedy show at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse).

275 vu teddy washington 8513
Washington Nationals mascot Teddy Roosevelt and Erik Baptist ('01) (in his Vandy hat) flashing the "VU" sign at Nationals Stadium.

640 roller coaster 8513 williamson county
Daniel Donegan at the Williamson County Fair

275 figurine 8513
My 3-year old said, "Look Mommy! He has 'VU' fingers." Photo submitted by Kerri Dunaway

640 vu sign trophy 8513
Elisabeth Kate and Adam Porter with the SEC Championship trophy.

275 byars vu sign 8513
Paul Green with Derrick Byars at the Alumni Game.

275 vu kid 8513
Photo submitted by Cody Merbitz

275 kid 8513
Photo submitted by @DoreDaddy

Alexa Levick, a rising senior, and Dana Schwartz, a 2013 graduate, from the women's soccer team, played on the USA women's open soccer team in the Maccabiah Games in Israel, and won the gold medal! They proudly took "VU" photos everywhere we went throughout the country. View the photos below.

275 teddy western wall 8513

275 vu opening ceremony 8513

640 masada 8513

640 medals 8513

640 dead sea 8513

640 caves 8513 vu sign


Former Commodore T.J. Greenstone at the U.S. Weightlifting Nationals.

My stepdad, Melvin, throwing up the "VU" while swimming with whale sharks. Photo submitted by @pbn_jilli.

Betty & Carl Hill at King Kamehameha Palace in Hawaii.

Spreading VU love at a popular yogurt shop in Athens, Ga. VU alum Monica Green & son hanging out with UGA alum (and good friend) Kip Hicks & daughter. The mural on wall is from a Vandy-UGA game.

Josh Gebhardt with members of Rascal Flatts.

From my sister's wedding back in June. They didn't even know I got the "VU" in until they got their pictures back and the best part is my now brother-in-law is a huge Tennessee fan. Photo submitted by Jeremy Dillingham.

Vanderbilt band president Matthew Ciulla ('14) and sousaphone player Corey Mondul ('15) flash the "VU" hand sign while Scuba diving off the Caribbean island of Bonaire on July 24th, 2013.

On land or by sea (or lake). Photo submitted by Brad Woodis.

Submitted by @KRM_VU_JKU. Apparently the "VU" hand sign can help teach me how to fly.

Two Vanderbilt graduates at the Biltmore Estate. Photo submitted by Erin Holt.

Susan Moore ('95, nursing) at the Coliseum in Rome.

Mark, Megan, Sarah Marie, Joseph & Cindy Tibbs on the beach in Ft. Walton, Fla., on March 15, 2013.

Daniel Griffith at Pearl Harbor with "The Golden Anchor" - a symbol of excellence within the Navy. The plaque for the anchor states: The Golden Anchor, also known as the Navy's Retention Excellence Award, is given to vessels for meeting or exceeding crew retention goals. This one was given to the Battleship Missouri (The Mighty MO), which was the first non-active vessel to be so honored.)

vu sign anchor caleb welchans san diego
Former 'Dore Caleb Welchans in San Diego.

Tucker Shufeldt having fun in the sun swimming in Tulsa, Okla., on July 7, 2013

David Crockett Jr. (left) and John Crockett (right) July 5th, 2013 outside of Tulsa, Okla., shooting fireworks.

Josh (football alum, B.S. '08, M.E. '09) and Alexandra Eames (B.S. '09) atop Giotto's Bell Tower in the Piazza del Duomo in Florence, Italy, on June 18, 2013.

Jacob Choi (May '12, civil engineering) and Kathleen Russell (May '12, EES and HOD) reunite in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, over Chinese New Year. Jacob has been teaching in China for the last year as part of WorldTeach, and Kathleen has been traveling as Vanderbilt's 2012-2013 Keegan Fellow.

David Kan (engineering '97) and Dana Oeder Kan (Peabody '97) celebrating "White Nights" at a street festival on Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg, Russia. Photo taken at 11:00 pm on July 7, 2013.

Prithvi Muddana (May '12, medicine, health and society) onboard the M/V Africa Mercy in Guinea, West Africa. Photo was taken while actually operating the ship's anchor and lowering it. Photo is from May 2013.

Caitlin Azzo with country singer Craig Campbell. He came to my hometown (Bluefield, W.V.) to perform for a charity concert. He was a great guy and ended up coming down into the parking lot to tailgate with everyone in the afternoon.

From left to right: George Gaskin, Dan Taylor, Andrew Jurik, all VU class of '07. Photo was taken atop Old Rag Mountain at Shenandoah National Park in June 2013.

Chris Spann in Destin, Fla., on June 20, 2013

Jimmy Kerrigan ('06) with a photo from his wife's baby shower (baby = Avigail Kerrigan, c/o 2034). Jimmy's wife asked him to come back early for a "surprise present" and he was glad she did.


Logan, Bret, Rory & Rod Shaw in Crossville, Tenn.

Olivia and a 12th-century carving of a monk flashing the "VU" sign at Jerpoint Abbey, Ireland.

Amicalola Falls, Ga. Photo by Todd Davidson.

Photo submitted by Mark Pewitt.

Charlie Young and Mr. Commodore. Photo submitted by Patsy Jenkins Williams.

Photo submitted by Timberly Sloan.

Jim Hawkins (Peabody MS '79) with James Franklin at the Gallatin, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce on June 10, 2013.

Clint Seales (VU '13) and wife, Kate, at Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, on May 25, 2013.

Joe White in Botswana

Joe White at Cape Point in South Africa in April 2013.

From the 2013 Black & Gold Game. Photo submitted by Randall Hughes.

From the 2013 Black & Gold Game. Photo submitted by Randall Hughes.

Scott Guthrie (May '12, civil engineering), who has been working as a project manager for Brasfield & Gorrie (general contractor) on the new Vanderbilt College Halls at Kissam project. Photo is from the Kirkland clock tower.

Will T. anchors down at summer swim league in Atlanta!

Bennett Hughes at the SEC Tournament in Hoover, Ala.

This is Rachel Dinkel, Holly Dinkel, Hannah Dinkel and Luke Dinkel at the SEC Championship game in Hoover.

Hardin Hughes at the SEC Championship game with Tyler Beede.

Tony Banniza, Vandy Lance, Brian Scott, Bud & Jan Sizemore tailgating at the 2013 SEC Baseball Tournament in Hoover.

Jeff Batts and family in Fort Morgan, Ala.


Photo submitted by Brad Woodis.

Lanie Frazer & Destiny Duke at preschool graduation.

Feylyn Lewis (2009 College of Arts & Science) showing some Vanderbilt love at the Vineyard Vines store in Oak Bluffs, a town on the island of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Taken May 13, 2013.

Carl & Betty at the Georgia Dome. Hope to be here In December 2013 at the SEC Championship wearing our black and gold.

VU love even with a broken ankle. Photo submitted by Jennifer Sensing Poole.

Gracie Sandman, Daniel Upchurch and Mallory Wright at Pickett County High School prom in Byrdstown, Tenn. Photo submitted by April Upchurch.

Leah Carlisle, Vanderbilt junior, in Iceland!. Photo submitted by Judith Carlisle.

Leah Carlisle, Vanderbilt junior, Climbing a Glacier in Iceland! (In over 70 mph winds). Photo submitted by Judith Carlisle.

Paxton Shanks (left) and Issac Holland (right) before attending eighth grade prom Saturday May 4, 2013 in Waverly Tenn. While we were taking pictures they decided they needed a little VU in there! Photo submitted by Dianna Shanks.

Ava getting ready to support Vanderbilt when she gets here. Photo submitted by Brittany Ammons.

Michael showing off his VU's before getting his Kindergarten shots. Photo submitted by Timberly Sloan.

Carl Hill at the 2013 NFC Championship Game in Atlanta.

Tony Banniza in the Hawk with David Price's 2012 American League Cy Young Award.

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