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Dear former Vanderbilt Athletic Trainer,
Vanderbilt Sports Medicine has a reputation of providing the finest quality health care to Vanderbilt University Student Athletes.  This level of care starts with the Athletic Trainer.  Over the years, Vanderbilt has had the privilege of employing many highly skilled athletic trainers.  This fact should be celebrated.  It is our goal to build an on-line community for Vanderbilt Athletic Training Alumni, and we would like you to be a part of it!  Please click on the link below to submit your information.  Were looking forward to hearing from you!

Vanderbilt University Atheltic Training Alumni Update Form

Jason served as a student athletic trainer at Vanderbilt University from 1999-2001. While here, he had the opportunity to work with the Vanderbilt Football, Men's Basketball, and Men's Soccer teams. Currently, Jason is a Marketing Analyst at IRI/Frito-Lay. When asked about his fondest memories, Jason had this to say: "When I talk about my Vanderbilt days with ANYONE; one of the top things I talk about are my days as a student trainer. The stadiums, the trips, the practices, the athletes, and the steak dinners of course! I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who loves sports. Finishing with a high GPA is important; however it is the experiences that matter in life and this was one of the cornerstones of my time at Vandy. In addition, Mollie and Tom (Boz) are two of my favorite people from my time at Vanderbilt because they are truly great human beings. Now, look out for the updated branding of Gatorade in '09!" Jason can be reached at

Tim was an athletic trainer at Vanderbilt from 1986 until 1988. While here, he provided sports medicine services to football, basketball, and "anything Norwig told me to!" Tim's most memorable moment at Vanderbilt was advancing to the sweet 16 in Men's Basketball in 1998. He also enjoyed working with "Wig, Fed, Bates, and (the) doctors, as it was a great learning experience." Currently, he is the Head Athletic Trainer for the Chicago Bears Football Club, Inc. When not at work, he spends time with his wife Lisa, and daughters Rebecca (14), and Elizabeth (10).

John Bright Cage worked as a football student trainer at Vanderbilt University from 1971-1975.  His most memorable moment was during his senior year, as the football team went to the Peach Bowl, and the basketball and baseball teams won SEC Championships.  Perhaps most memorable, was that later on, he was blessed to give the eulogy at Joe Worden's funeral in 1998.  John currently works at Mid-State Cardiology Associates as a Cardiologist.  John also recalls; "In my freshman year, I was the ONLY student trainer for both the freshman and varsity football teams.  It was also Jack Redgren's first year.  Joe Worden was covering both football and basketball.  Finally, T.R. St. Charles arrived my sophomore year, which made a huge difference.  I now take care of Jack Redgren's heart, just as he took care of mine in the 1970's.  My wife, Bonnie, is from San Antonio, and we have three children named Daniel, Sara, and John David."  John Bright Cage has been a cardiologist in Nashville since 1993 and can be contacted at

Mike Cain served as an Athletic Training Student during the 2007 and 2008 academic years. He initially worked with our Men's Basketball team while having the opportunity to provide athletic training services to Football during his second year. Two memories stand out to Mike. The first was working basketball and watching the fans storm the Memorial Gym court after the basketball team beat #1 ranked Florida. The second was traveling to South Carolina during the 2007 football season and upsetting the #6 ranked Gamecocks. He is a little embarrassed about flooding the basketball athletic training room two days straight because he forgot to turn off the water when filling the whirlpools! Mike is currently a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer at Georgia Southern University and can be reached at

Ann worked at Vanderbilt from 1999-2005.  During her stay, she provided sports medicine services for the Women's Soccer, Bowling, and Lacrosse teams in addition to the Men's Tennis Team.  Currently she is employed as an Assistant Athletic Trainer at California - Berkeley; working for another alum, Ryan Cobb.  Ann had many memorable moments at Vanderbilt.  They were the following:  Becoming the inaugural ATC for Women's Bowling, 2003 Men's Tennis SEC Championship/National Runner-up, 2002 ALC Lacrosse Championship/NCAA Tournament Invite, Beating the Tennessee Volunteers in anything, and working with her fellow athletic trainers, doctors, athletes and coaches.  Ann can be contacted at

Chad was a student athletic trainer at Vanderbilt during the 2004-2005 school year working track and field, baseball, and football. Upon graduating from Middle Tennessee State University in the spring of 2005, he obtained a Graduate Assistantship in Athletic Training at Louisiana State University. Chad's most memorable moment is trying to explain how he crashed the Sports Medicine Gator into a pole during the fall. He also appreciated the opportunity to work with the baseball team as they were coming off of a super regional appearance the year before. Chad can be reached at

Amanda worked at Vanderbilt as an intern athletic trainer from the University of Florida during the 2004-2005 academic year. While at Vandy, she assisted with the football and lacrosse teams, while serving as the primary contact for the Men's Soccer team during the spring of 2005. Now, Amanda is an Assistant Sales Rep for Don Joy Orthopedics. The greatest memory of her Vanderbilt experience was watching Christina (Mascaro) propose to Patrick, and then actually having him play along at the Bossung Christmas Party! Amanda can be contacted at

Shawn worked at Vanderbilt from 1994 to 1996 as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer. Hi primary sport coverage responsibilities were with the Men's Soccer and Baseball teams. Since then, Shawn has moved on to Louisiana State University and is employed as a Senior Associate Athletic Trainer. There, he lives with his wife Ashlee, and dogs Izzee and Maggee. Shawn can be reached at

Paul worked at Vandy from 1989 to 1999; serving with the Football, Men's Basketball, Baseball, and Men's/Women's Golf teams. Upon leaving Vanderbilt, he went on to the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League, and is currently the Director of Athletic Training Services at the University of Iowa. There, he lives with his wife Teddie and son, Jacob Noah. Paul's most memorable moment with the Commodores was working with the 1992-93 Men's Basketball Southeastern Conference Championship team. It advanced to the NCAA Sweet 16, finishing 14-2 in conference play and 28-6 overall.

Darryl worked at Vanderbilt from 1998-1989 with the football and baseball teams as a staff athletic trainer. Currently, he is the Vice President of US Physical Therapy. Darryl's most memorable Vanderbilt moment came with the baseball team. On a spring break trip, he had a hotel laundry person assist the team by washing the player's laundry bags. Unfortunately, when the laundry was returned, they had emptied all the laundry bags during the process. It was impossible to match everything back up to the bags and the players! Darryl resides with his wife Kathy, son Brandon, and daughter Kaylan. He can be contacted at

Janeane worked as a student trainer at Vanderbilt from 1990-1993. During her stay, she had the opportunity to work with our Football and Women's Basketball teams. Her most memorable moment came with the Women's Basketball team when they went to the NCAA Final Four in Atlanta, GA. Janeane "enjoyed (her) time at Vanderbilt University. The Athletic Department was a tight knit family." Currently employed at Omni Center Physical Therapy as a Sports Medicine Outreach Coordinator, she can be contacted at Janeane is married to her husband Jefferey and is a mother to her three sons: Drew, Zac, and Ryan.

Kris worked at Vanderbilt Sports Medicine for nine and a half years. During her term, she worked with our Men's and Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball, Lacrosse, Men's Tennis, and Football teams. After leaving Vanderbilt, Kris moved on to St. Louis and works as a Clinic Administrator at Washington University School of Medicine, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Kris has fond memories of her time in the NCAA Tournaments with the Women's Basketball and Lacrosse teams. Kris is happily married to her husband Dave and can be contacted at

Mike Meyer was an integral part of the Vanderbilt Athletic Training Room from 2003-2007. While here, he had the opportunity to work with our Men's Basketball team. His most memorable moment made newspapers across the country. In March 2006, he saved the life of one of his basketball players in cardiac arrest. His most embarrassing moment came on the basketball court when he was asked to turn on the auxiliary lights in the gym during basketball practice because it was a bit dark. He hit the main switch by accident and shut the entire gym lighting off. Coach Stallings just looked at him with "that look." Coach didn't need to say anything more! Mike currently resides in western Pennsylvania and works at the California University of Pennsylvania as an Assistant Professor - Athletic Trainer. He is married to his wife Kris and has a don Brennan (2005) and daughter Kami (2007). Mike can be reached at

Rod "Rocket" Newman had a diverse experience at Vanderbilt. Starting in the summer of 1999, he was responsible for the coverage of Men's Basketball and Women's Tennis. Later, he would switch over to Women's Basketball and keep tennis. While working with the latter two sports, he had his most memorable moments, such as advancing to the NCAA Finals in Women's Tennis and winning the SEC Women's Basketball Tournament. After leaving Vanderbilt, Rod became a full time student and an owner of an exotic reptile store in the Nashville area.

Numerous student-athletes have had the chance to be helped by John, who served at Vanderbilt from 1985 to 1991. John met his wife Linda in Nashville and they have three children: Erin (born in '92), Nick (born in '95), and Luke (born in '98). John has many fine memories of his time at Vandy. The first of two moments were when he was talking to Tim Bream and Paul Federici about how wide a football player's butt was and having a Women's Golf recruit and her family walk in on the conversation. The second was getting so excited at a Men's Basketball NIT game that he jumped out of the stands to help Tim Bream with Barry Goheen when he was injured. Currently, he works as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Pittsburgh Steelers Football Club and can be reached at The following is a direct quote from John. "I have had the opportunity to visit many Athletic Training Facilities and Staff's. There are many facilities as nice as McGugin, but there are few that have the quality of physicians and athletic trainers that service the athletes. Boz, Keep up the tradition!"

Christina was a student athletic trainer at Vanderbilt during the 2004-2005 academic year. While here, she worked with the Vandy football team. Upon her graduation from Middle Tennessee State University, she obtained a Graduate Assistantship at the University of Alabama. Her most memorable moments at Vanderbilt were the Georgia trip (going to a haunted house and riding a mechanical bull) and proposing to Patrick! Christina can be contacted at

Justin served as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer at Vanderbilt from the fall of '03 until the spring of '05. While here, he had the opportunity to work with the football, women's track/field, and lacrosse teams. Currently, he works at STAR Physical Therapy as an athletic trainer. Justin had many memorable moments, however, he states that "there was the day that everyone got thrown into the pool (including myself), singing the BK holiday song with Caslin and Josh, but most of all I loved "cowboyin" it up with Boz in Georgia." Justin resides in the Nashville area with his wife, Brandi. He would also like to state: "Thanks for all the memories guys. I learned more about athletic training from my experiences here than anywhere else. Thank you." Justin can be reached at

John worked as a staff athletic trainer at Vanderbilt for six years.  While here, he worked with our football, baseball, basketball and golf teams.  Currently, he works as an Assistant Athletic Trainer at the University of Delaware.  John is joined by his wife Beth, who is an Assistant Professor.  They have two children, Meghan and Sean.  John's most memorable accomplishments were the friendships that he made while at Vanderbilt, which he continues to maintain.  He "credits Vanderbilt University and the Sports Medicine Staff (Dr. Spindler, "Buster," Dr. Snyder, Dr. Lipscomb, Norwig, Tedeschi, Federici, and McDonald) with all the success I have had throughout my career.  He can be contacted at


William had such a great student athletic training experience during his Vandy undergrad ('72-76) days, he decided to stay for a graduate assistantship from '76-'77.  While here he worked with all of the Vanderbilt University sports teams.  William's most memorable moments were beating Tennessee "On the Hill" during his senior year and also going to the Peach Bowl during this junior year.  He also remembers the time he spent living on the "football floors" at Carmichael Towers.  He said it was definitely an adventure!

Currently, William works at O'Connor High School in San Antonio, Texas as the Head Athletic Trainer.  He lives with his wife Teri and four children: Jeffrey, Kyle, Taylor, and Alexis.  William reminisces that "My mentors were Jack Redgren and Joe Worden who are now Hall of Famers!  John Bright Cage and I were the only student athletic trainers working with Jack and Joe.  It was a lot of work but the experience gained was well worth it!"  William can be reached at

Justin has fond memories of his employment at Vanderbilt.  From 1998 - 2001, he provided sports medicine coverage to the Men's Soccer and Baseball teams.  Currently, he is a Long Term Care Representative at Genworth Financial.  Justin's most memorable moment while at Vanderbilt actually took place in Knoxville, TN.  While working a football game at the University of Tennessee, running back Travis Henry landed on his head and was taken off on a stretcher.  He remembers the entire stadium being deathly quiet.  His most embarrassing moment also occurred in Knoxville, as he was late for pre-game taping because he was out too late with the athletic staff the night before!  Justin currently lives with his wife Kristen and two sons, Jackson and Cooper.  Justin also had this to add: "This was the greatest job I have had.  If I wouldn't have found the greatest woman in the world, who I met while she was doing a sports med rotation, and moved to Charleston, I would still love to be working at VU.  Boz and Malone were too much fun.  Thanks to Paul F. for having the confidence in me to hire me for the GA position.  I hope I didn't let you down."  Justin can be reached at

Fred served the Vanderbilt Student-Athletes from 1991 until 1994. While here, he provided athletic training services as the Head Athletic Trainer for football. Currently he is located in the Chicagoland area, living with his wife Toni, and two children Kelly (12) and Matt (9). Fred finds recalling a single most memorable or embarrassing moment at Vandy difficult, but he will always remember the noon hoops games in the "Big House." Fred can be contacted at

Josh served as the baseball, cross country and cheerleading athletic trainer from 2002-2006. Josh has many fond memories of Vanderbilt, most notably going to the Super Regional with baseball, and traveling with the cross country team to their annual retreats in the fall. Currently, Josh is employed by Salter Labs as a Territory Manager. Josh is Married to his wife Stephanie, and has a daughter named Kaylee. Josh can be reached at

Patrick Violette served as a Certified Athletic Trainer at Vanderbilt University for a total of seven years. Currently, Patrick is the Head Athletic Trainer and Assistant Professor at Waynesburg University in Pennsylvania. While at Vanderbilt, he had the opportunity to work with the football, women's tennis, and women's golf teams. He has a hard time identifying his most memorable moment stating: "I met my wife while working at Vanderbilt, and I also met a lot of other great people. I learned a lot from Boz and the doctors. I had great times with my co-workers and really enjoyed the family atmosphere. I don't think you find that at too many places. Thanks again for all of the memories!" Patrick can be reached at or at or

Michael was a graduate assistant athletic trainer at Vanderbilt from 1986 through 1988.  While here, he provided sports medicine services for football, and men's/women's soccer.  Michael now works at the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing as an Assistant Professor.  Also, he is a cardiovascular outcomes researcher at Vanderbilt Medical Center.  Michael's most memorable moment as a graduate assistant was seeing one of the football players stick John Norwig head first in an athletic training room garbage can!  Michael Vollman can be reached at

Jared White worked at Vanderbilt University during the 2003-04 school year as a student athletic trainer from Tennessee State University. While here, he provided athletic training services to the football team. Currently, Jared is a Seasonal Athletic Trainer with the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. Jared's most memorable moment at Vanderbilt was when fellow student Chad Cook wrecked the Gator in the baseball field. Jared has a B.S. degree from Middle Tennessee State University and a Master of Education from Auburn University. He is married to his wife Emily and resides in Kansas City, Missouri. Jared can be reached at

Sarah served as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer at Vanderbilt from 2006-2008. While here she worked with our football and women's lacrosse teams. Currently, Sarah is the Head Athletic Trainer at Felician College. She has many memories of Vanderbilt, but the most memorable was when fellow GA Melissa flooded the football practice field. Also, she fondly recalls the time spent on the road with the women's lacrosse coaches, team, and families. Additionally, she is "grateful for the time I had at Vanderbilt University. The experience I gained working with the athletic training staff, as well as our team of physicians, was invaluable. It has excelled me into the clinician I am today." Sarah Wilder can be reached at

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