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Student Opportunities

The Athletic Training Room provides current Vanderbilt undergraduate students with the opportunity to volunteer and work toward internship opportunities in sports medicine. Work study and stipends are be available for Vanderbilt undergraduates who qualify. Opportunities to observe physical therapy, rehabilitation, physician visits, surgical interventions, and great overall on the job learning experiences are available to students willing to invest in our program.

"Deciding to work in the training room was probably the best choice I've made since arriving at Vanderbilt. Learning from the athletic trainers and the team doctors has been a wonderful experience, especially since I've been hoping to enter the medical field. It was also great getting to know the athletes and making new friends. I couldn't have asked for a better job."
-- Cara Johnston, Student First-Responder, 2002-2004

Student first-responders enjoy a fun, high-energy atmosphere while assisting certified athletic trainers in providing sports medicine coverage for Vanderbilt University Intercollegiate Athletics. Student first-responders will have the opportunity to:

  • Tape athletes
  • Administer therapeutic modalities
  • Assist in the rehabilitation of athletes
  • Assist with clinical visits of team physicians
  • Assist on the home sidelines of athletic contests
  • Travel to away contests
  • Receive free Vanderbilt athletic gear
  • Enjoy eating in the Hendrix Room, the No. 1 rated training table in America
  • Receive competitive wages
  • Be directly involved with Vanderbilt Athletics

    Downloadable Student Information Sheet

    Interested Vanderbilt Students should contact staff athletic trainer Mollie Malone at (615) 343-7762,
    or email at the following:

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