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memorial gym trivia thursday 550 wide

Memorial Madness Friday at 8 p.m. CT hosted a day-long trivia contest on Thursday, October 13, to promote Memorial Madness. The questions and answers have been archived below. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest on our Facebook fan page.

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4 PM
QUESTION: How many pairs of shoes does Tiffany Clarke own? (view the guesses)
ANSWER: Watch Tiffany's video answer. Garry Thomason wins the prize.

3 PM
QUESTION: How many songs does Lance Goulbourne have on his iPod? (Note: The person who comes closest without going over the actual number wins the prize.) (view the guesses)
ANSWER: Watch Lance's video answer. Charlie Campbell wins the prize.

2 PM
QUESTION: What is Jasmine Lister's favorite kind of food that she can make? (view the guesses)
ANSWER: Watch Jasmine's video answer. Keith Hoover wins the prize.

1 PM
QUESTION: What is the name of the soccer team Steve Tchiengang likes to play with the most in FIFA '12? (view the guesses)
ANSWER: Watch Steve's video answer. Matty Roberts wins the prize.

12 PM
QUESTION: What movie was Christina Foggie once in? (view the guesses)
ANSWER: Watch Christina's video answer. Barry Chiu wins the prize.

11 AM
QUESTION: What is Rod Odom's favorite television show to watch that no one would believe he watches? (view the guesses)
ANSWER: Watch Rod's video answer. Brent Carden wins the prize.

10 AM
QUESTION: How many members of Gabby Smith's immediate family (parents and brothers and sisters) play or played college athletics? (view the guesses)
ANSWER: Watch the video below. Since the question was not correctly worded, we will award prizes to Nathan Watkins, Ian Shaw and Emily Crowell.

9 AM
QUESTION: How many languages does Jeffery Taylor speak fluently? (view the guesses)
ANSWER: Watch the video below. Congrats to Ian Shaw on posting the correct answer first.

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