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Williams discusses Penn State scandal

Nov. 10, 2011

David WilliamsVanderbilt Vice Chancellor David Williams appeared on National Public Radio's show "On Point" Thursday morning to discuss the scandal at Penn State University with host Anthony Brooks.

Williams, who has directed Vanderbilt's Department of Student Athletics since 2003, told Brooks that he was troubled by the allegations surrounding the Penn State football program.

"It's one of those things that trying to read through it, I actually had to put it down three or four times because the facts just overwhelm you; they overwhelm you as it relates to the abuse," Williams said. "You feel nothing but empathy and sympathy for the young victims. At the same time, you get some disgust over what was not done. To me you have two aspects: you have someone who did something bad and then you have some people, who in my mind, could have corrected this and maybe stopped it who did not do what they should have done. So you have disgust for what was done and disgust for what was not done."

Download the NPR Interview (or listen here and fast forward to the 17:20 mark)

Williams was a guest on the program last April as one of two panelists debating the topic of "Should Student-Athletes be Paid".

Williams also serves as Vanderbilt University's General Counsel and is Secretary of the Board of Trust. An attorney by profession, Williams served as a member of the Southeastern Conference executive team that negotiated the ESPN/CBS contract and he is a member of the NCAA Infraction Appeals Committee. Before arriving at Vanderbilt, Williams over-saw the Department of Athletics at Ohio State University.

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