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Behind the V: Eric Jones

Oct. 30, 2013

Eric Jones has served as Director of Ticketing at Vanderbilt athletics for more than seven years. Jones, who grew up in Havre de Grace, Md., received his undergraduate degree in business administration/marketing from Belmont. He later earned his master's degree in mass communication from Middle Tennessee State. Eric and his wife, Laura, live in Mt. Juliet.

JonesActor that would play me in a movie:
Burt Reynolds. I envy his mustache and his laugh.

Plane tickets to anywhere:
Being a WWII enthusiast, I would like to go to Normandy, France to see the Memorial.

Name someone that impacted my life and why:
My maternal grandmother. She lived through the Great Depression and four wars, yet remained simple in living. Her mantra, "Eat, sleep and keep your nose clean," grounds me when things get difficult or stressful.

Why did I get into the profession: 
I figured where else could I get paid to watch athletes at peak performance play games and compete at a very high level.

How did I end up at Vanderbilt:
I was recruited by former NCC Director Chris Wyrick, who had vision that Vanderbilt would need to be creative in generating revenue if it was to succeed in competing in the SEC.

If I weren't in sports:
I would likely try to own a pizza shop and be a horror writer.

My first job was:
Working the grill at Frank's Pizza in high school.

What does my perfect day look like:
Sleeping late, going to Opening Day at Camden Yards for an Orioles game, and then calling a Commodore game at Hawkins Field OR any day at the beach with my wife.

If I had access to a time machine, what year would I travel back to:
1936, specifically to the Olympics in Berlin to watch Jesse Owens upstage Adolf Hitler.

If I was invisible, where would I go?
Anywhere in my car. Can you imagine how that would freak people out??!

If I could have dinner with three people, who would they be?
My wife Laura, her mother and Mel Brooks.

If I could speak to an audience for five minutes, what would it be about:
It would be about the need to see the humor in things in life.

How do I want to be remembered?
As a good leader who worked hard and always seemed to have fun, even under pressure.

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