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Mr.C's Junior Commodore of the Game

Oct. 10, 2016

Mr. C Kid's Club Junior Commodore of the game is an exclusive opportunity for all NCC & Mr. C's kids club members.  In order to be eligible for this opportunity during basketball season your child must become a member of the Kids club. 


Who is eligible? Mr. C Kid's Club members & NCC children (Ages 5-12)


For every home football, men's and women's basketball game we will select a Junior Commodore to take part in exclusive game day festivities. 



  • Get front row views of Star Walk with Spirit! 
  • Walk with Mr. C, football & spirit through the tunnel before pregame.
  • Parents will receive field access for pregame.
  • On field photo opportunity with Mr. C.
  • Stand with Spirit on the field during team run on.
  • In game announcement and graphic on the video board. 


  • Be a part of the high five tunnel during team run on.
  • Stand with the team and Mr. C during starting line ups.
  • Photo opportunity on the court with Mr. C.
  • In game announcement and graphic on the video board.


If you would like to have your child be entered into a random drawing to become the Junior Commodore of the game, please select the games you are available for and fill out the form below.


Contact Danielle Eckert for more information or additional questions:, 615-343-2760.

Mr. C's Junior Commodore of the Game

Parents or guardians, please fill out the following information for yourself:

Please select ALL games you would like to "enter to win" for:

October 7th Georgia
November 4th Western Kentucky
November 11th Kentucky
November 18th Missouri

October 29th WBB vs. Marian University
November 10th WBB vs. MTSU
November 10th MBB vs. Austin Peay
November 17th MBB vs. UNC Asheville
November 19th MBB vs. USC
November 20th WBB vs. Ball State
November 28th MBB vs. Radford
December 2nd WBB vs. Iowa State
December 3rd MBB vs. Kansas State
December 6th MBB vs. MTSU
December 16th WBB vs. Memphis
December 19th WBB vs. NC State
December 20th MBB vs. Houston Baptist
December 21st WBB vs. Belmont
December 22nd MBB vs. Alcorn State
December 28th WBB vs. Lipscomb
January 2nd MBB vs. Alabama
January 4th WBB vs. Georgia
January 9th MBB vs. Tennessee
January 11th WBB vs. Missouri
January 13th MBB vs. Kentucky
January 15th WBB vs. Kentucky
January 18th WBB vs. South Carolina
January 20th MBB vs. LSU
January 27th MBB vs. TCU
January 28th WBB vs. Texas A&M
February 4th WBB vs. Tennessee
February 7th MBB vs. Georgia
February 14th MBB vs. Mississippi State
February 15th WBB vs. Mississippi State
February 17th MBB vs. Florida
February 24th MBB vs. Texas A&M
February 25th WBB vs. Arkansas
February 27th MBB vs. Missouri


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