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Winning photo from September 'VU' photo contest

Oct. 1, 2013

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Following one week of fan voting on the Barnes & Noble at Vanderbilt University Facebook page, a winner has been determined for the September "VU" photo contest.

The winning photo was of Jack Wade, Drew Sanders, Derek Williams and Chris Gilbert. The four graduated in 2003 and were were celebrating their 10-year reunion over Labor Day weekend. The photo was from the top of Mt. Elbert in Colorado. It's the tallest peak in the Rocky Mountains at 14,433 feet.

Winning Photo


James Franklin's nephew (Jeremy Sharpe) 90lb Penndel Wildcats football team after their game on Sept. 7. The Penndel Wildcats won 14-0 vs. Lansdale Canoneers. Photo submitted by Coach Franklin's sister, Debra Sharpe.

Joe Fisher, Mike Minor and various members of the St. Louis Vanderbilt Alumni Association. The group met at Busch Stadium for the St Louis Cardinals - Atlanta Braves game on Aug. 23, 2013. Minor met with the group before the game.

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