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Anchor Points App

Aug. 23, 2016
Anchor Points: New Student Rewards App

Vanderbilt Athletics is launching a new rewards app for University students called Anchor Points. The application will allow students to check in and out of sporting events to accrue points toward several levels of prizes.

List of Events

Jan. 14 7:30pm Men's Basketball Tennessee 4
Jan. 21 2:00pm Swimming Arkansas/Houston 6
Jan. 24 7:30pm Men's Basketball Arkansas 4
Jan. 29 2:00pm Women's Basketball Florida 4
Feb. 11 1:00pm Lacrosse Kennesaw State 6
Feb. 13 6:00pm Women's Basketball LSU 4
Feb. 16 6:00pm Men's Basketball Texas A&M 4
Feb. 24 3:00pm Baseball UIC 4
March 14 6:30pm Baseball Western Kentucky 4
March 16 4:00pm Men's Tennis Mississippi State 6
March 24 6:30pm Baseball Texas A&M 4
March 31 4:00pm Women's Tennis Missouri 6
April 5 1:00pm Lacrosse UConn 6
April 7 4:00pm Men's Tennis Alabama 6
April 13 8:00pm Baseball Florida 4
April 14 4:00pm Women's Tennis South Carolina 6
Spring Total 78

2016-17 Rewards

G 25 T-Shirt
O 40 Hat
V 55 Tumbler
A 70 Nike Dri-Fit
N 95 Blanket
D 120 Nike Backpack
Y 140 Experiential Prize
Freshman "Rookie of the Year" Beats Headphones
MVP Nike ID Sneakers

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