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Multipurpose facility, rec center construction

May 21, 2013

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Work continues to move forward on Vanderbilt's new multipurpose facility and recreation center expansion.

Within the last week, the small dividing wall that separates the track from the field inside the multipurpose facility has been completed. As work progresses, the base of the track, as well as the field, will be raised to be flush with the top of the concrete wall so that all that will separate the field from the track surface will be the concrete surface.

Outside the multipurpose facility, sheathing has been added to the south side of the structure. The top panels of the facility will be left open and glass will eventually be added.

On the west side of the recreation center, crews are busy adding meeting room space, additional fitness areas, bowling lanes and a gym. The location for the ball returns are now clearly visible in the bowling space.

The multipurpose facility is scheduled to open Oct. 31, 2013 with work completed on the recreation center's enhancements in January, 2014.

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