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Multipurpose facility, rec center construction

April 29, 2013

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Despite unfavorable weather, progress continues to be made on Vanderbilt's new multipurpose facility and recreation center expansion.

For the first time, sport-specific features within the multipurpose facility have become visible. Concrete has been poured on the east side of the facility and workers have begun adding brick to the side of the concrete base. When the concrete was poured, molds were used to form the triple/long jump pit as well as the location of the boards along the runway.

Workers have begun the process of enclosing the facility by placing sheathing on the north end of the facility. Additionally, work continues on the roof and on the side of the west side of the facility that will become part of the rec center.

The multipurpose facility is scheduled to open Oct. 31, 2013 with work completed on the recreation center's enhancements in January, 2014.

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