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Behind the V: John Patterson

Feb. 12, 2014

John Patterson is an assistant director of the National Commodore Club and Athletics Development. A graduate of the University of Memphis, he has been on the development staff for two years.

Patterson Name a guilty pleasure.
Ice cream. I love going to Dairy Queen and getting M&M blizzards. As a challenge, I once ate a 32 ounce M&M blizzard in three minutes. 

Hometown fun fact?
I am from Columbia, Tenn. Columbia is known as the mule capital of the world and every year they have a celebration called Mule Day.  The highlight is the Mule Day Parade. Everyone needs to go to Mule Day at least once!

What was your first job?
Ace Hardware. I started working at Ace when I was in middle school. My dad owns the store and needed help with inventory.  I counted everything from nails to plumbing parts.  

Favorite food?
I love pizza but my wife and I love trying new restaurants in Nashville. Some of our favorites are The Pharmacy, Kayne Prime, Mafiaoza's, Garcia's and South Street. 

What motivates you?
Navy Seals. I became fascinated with Navy Seals after reading Lone Survivor. Everything about Navy Seals from the intense training to the team mentality is truly amazing. I always try to think of their motto: "The only easy day was yesterday"

Best advice you've ever received?
The jersey never comes off. Whether you are a student-athlete, a coach, or an administrator, you always need to represent the university in a first-class manner at all times. 

Favorite trip?
Every other year all of the males in my wife's family go fishing in Canada for a week. I was not eligible to go until we got married, but I went for the first time in 2012 and had a great time. Being out on the lake and away from technology is really a peaceful feeling. I got to see some amazing wildlife and hear great stories as well! 

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