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Congratulations to the Vanderbilt football team for their exciting 16-14 bowl victory over Boston College.
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Matthew (Vandyville): Congratulations COMMODORES! You proved 91% of America wrong! GO DORES!

Murfreesboro: Congrats on a wonderful season!!! Go 'Dores!!!

Hendersonville, TN: Congratulations!!! You played an incredible game and made this die hard fan PROUD!!! Can't wait til next year!!!

Bill A '82(Boston): Couldn't be happier for you! Good to be Gold in Boston! Happy New Year and can't wait for next season! Oh hell yeah!

Kevin Hill (Moulton, AL): Congratulations! This is probalby the biggest win in school history. It's great to see all of the hard work that you have put in since August pay off. Also, congratulations to Coach Johnson and all of the coaching staff. We knew you could do it!

canton: D.J. Moore you are the best player on the commodores because when you got injured you keep playing your hardest to win for your team.

Chuck Blood - Denver: Congratulations to the Commodore Nation and especially to the great coaching staff and dedicated and hard working players. You exemplify what a football program should look like....a class act! Be proud of you accomplishments. Go Dores!

Randy Horick: Congratulations, Dores, on a great effort, and thanks for the hard work that made it possible. You made us proud.

Michael Rubenstein Jackson, MS: Making history is so much more fun that being burdened by it. Congratulations to all. Your hard work paid off for so many people.

Alum (memphis/gainesville): woohoo! Enjoyed watching it on tv!


Tony (Woodstock, GA): Thank you, thank you, thank you! We're all so proud of you and your dedication and hard work. Vandy, Vandy, oh hell yes!

Tom Prince, Winchester: Thanks guys. I remember watching the 55 Gator Bowl on TV and watching Jim Cuningham from Winchester help beat Auburn. It has been a long time. Do it again next year.

Tyler (Mt. Juliet): You guys have made this die hard fan proud. CONGRATULATIONS!! CANT WAIT TILL NEXT SEASON!!

Brent (Las Vegas): So this epic season ends as it began, with a Myron Lewis INT. Way to go 'Dores! You earned this.

Theresia (Augusta, Ga.): Congratulations for proving alot of people wrong!! Great Job!

madison al: great job just got home from the game. go dores

Glenn, Liz, Garrett ( TX and TN ): Way to Fight Dores!!! We love to root for our team when everybody says we only have a 9% chance of winning! way to prove them wrong!

Matt (Baltimore): Well done, Vanderbilt. Keep making us proud!!!

Supports of Sean Walker (Wrens, GA): We are so happy for all the Commodores but especially for Sean Walker. We are proud of all your accomplishments. Fun game to watch!

Andrea '94 Memphis: Stand proud! We are proud 'Dores.

Dallas: Go Dores!!! You've made us all proud!

Chuck, Leslie & Melinda: Thanks !!

Bill Colvin '73 Chattanooga: Spectacular team victory men!!! This was a great way to send off those who won't be with the team next year. you have all worked so hard, I am very proud of you.

Brent - Goodlettsville: When I was about 6 years old, I noticed my dad setting in the floor with an ear pinned to one end's speaker of an old console stereo. Seeing dad do it, I figured it must be the thing to do. It was Vanderbilt basketball, circa 1967. I've been a Vandy fan ever since. Win, lose, or draw--didn't matter. Needless to say, today was absolutely thrilling; absolutely. Thanks, 'Dores.

Anne (Thomasville): I'm a huge fan every year no matter how the season goes, but it sure was a thrill to win a bowl game!! Thanks Coach and thanks team!

Pete Dietrich (Syracuse, NY): Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Can't even describe what the win means. I will remember this forever.

Ann (Nashville): I have never been more proud to be a Commodore!!! Thank you for an amazing season and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Amy '77: Congratulations on an excellent defensive effort that won the game.

David Henderson: Not very often you get to say, "Today I got to experience something I have never experienced in my life." With Vandy winning a bowl game for the first time in 53 years, many of us did that today. What a Happy New Year! Congratulations, guys, you made us all happy today.

Karen (Murfreesboro): I was there! You were great! Nice to be witness to your win. It's a win for all Middle TN. You should be really proud of yourselves. Great job.

The Nichols (Trabuco Canyon, CA): Congratulations 'Dores from two generations of Commodore fans ('84, '09, '12). What a great way to finish an exciting year. Go 'Dores!

Mark Strickler: Way to go Vandy! Looking forward to next year, this team is on the move!

Darryl, BA '02: Awesome job boys! Vandy Nation is ecstatic!! Congratulations!!!

Mrs. Christeson (Nashville): Congratulations to all you MBA grads! Way to go, guys! I'm so proud of you, Bryant! Thanks for the great New Year's present!

Zack Rhoton(manchester,tn): dude you guys are freakin amazing there are so many doubters of yall but yall proved them wrong and have had the best season EVER! GO DORES

Jeff Moseley: Congratulations. My mother died on the 26th and my wife and daughter took her Vandy Teddy bear to the game. Thanks.

Brent Halcomb(Williamsburg,KY: Congratulations Commodores, thanks for always winning with class. It's always good to be Gold!!!!!!

Charles (Gallatin, TN): Congrats on the big win in the Music City Bowl! I was at LP Field to see it! I'm proud to be a Vanderbilt Commadore!

Bart Leonard: We're so happy for Vandy and Brett Upson did a fabulous job. It's good to be gold.

Katie (Franklin , TN): Good job Dores keep up the good work!!! Can't wait 'till next season!!!

Randle(Linden): Congratulations Commodores form the boys in Linden.Big time win.

Myke Nashville: Go Dores! Nice job Coach. Good QB surprises. Cold, so very glad we won. No penalties. Way to go!

Jordan (San diego): Unbelievable guys! What a great way to start the new year. Hopefully this will be the start of a winning tradition at vandy!

Frank Caperton, Murfreesboro, TN: I bought a Vandy bourbon glass in 1983 pledging to not allow a set of lips to touch it till our next bowl win. So tonight I toast our boys with a brand new 25-year-old glass!

Dan (Falls Church, VA): Saw the opener in Oxford when you all beat Miami on a nice summer night, saw you one more time in Nashville, and it was great to see you win in the cold of New Year's Eve. Way to persevere.

Corey (Fall River, Ma): I just want to say. Im a die-hard Eagles fan and was at the game. You guys just wanted it more then we did. And I congrat you for the win and wish your program the best of luck in the near future.

Bart Leonard (Bethesda, MD): Congratulations Vandy and Brett Upson did a fabulous job -- it's good to be gold!

Brian (Conway, AR): I'm incredibly happy for Bobby Johnson and the players, etc. But most important of all, I'm glad the long suffering fans like my dad and uncle who have sat in the stands for years and years and finally get to see Vandy end the streak and have a winning season. Fitting that this breakthrough year comes in a year of Volunteer turbulence and disappointment. Go 'Dores!

Grant (Hixson, TN): Congratulations on your bowl victory and winning season! You made my mom (a Vandy alum) verrry happy.

vandyhank: Same old vandy is finally put to rest. you guys are winners on and off the field and we are proud of you all.

Chuck (Tullahoma): I was proud to be a commodore fan in the stands today GO DORES!

Cashville: Build on this season - don't make it the high point

Brian (VUMC): Future fans will remember this as the year when the Vanderbilt Black and Gold dynasty began. Exceptional work, gentlemen.

Pete: Congratulations! Great year!

Steve (Huntsville): Congratulations players and coaches!!! It made our trip to Nashville SUPER SPECIAL...

Pittsburgh, PA: Just incredible. I've been a die hard ever since I went to vandy in 1989. You guys were fantastic today as those that went before you. It was a great great day that I'll remember for some time.

Shane (Tullahoma): I was proud to be a fan at the game cheering on our best quarterback in the game, Brett Upson! Go Dores!

Steve (Hendersonville): Thank you for showing all of us what a can do attitude can do!

Vandy Fan ( Clarksville, TN ): GREAT JOB VU !!!!

Daniel Stockton (Nashville): Victory is so sweet. Congrats on being a Bowl Champion. We love the Commodores win or lose.

Nashville: Let this win be the start of something great at Vandy!

The Reeders (Watertown): Great job. I have following Vandy for fourty years. This is great.

Tee(Gainesville Fl): This gator fan congratulates Vandy---it's been a tough fight for you, but you can celebrate now!

Yolanda and Otis- Columbia SC: Great job, exciting game, Congratulations !!!

Suzanne (Atlanta): I was lucky enough to be one of those band members that went to the 1982 bowl. I'm so glad you made it to the top again & am very excited for ya. Congrats & way to go Dores!

Beth Johnson nashville: GO DORES thanks for the best new years eve ever, it was awesome.

Millie Whitacre (Birmingham): This game was well worth the almost 400 mile round trip we drove today to see this fantastic victory! CONGRATS!! We are so proud!!

jim whiteside: i,m so proud-congrats!

Tony (Herndon, VA): Alumni and fans everywhere rejoice in your victory. We're proud of all of you - players, coaches, and staff. Happy New Year, gentlemen - 2009 will be known as the Year of the Commodores!

Crossville, TN: Tony, Jarred, Jacob & Joe congratulate you on a great year and bowl win. Thanks

Vishwa (Nashville): Awesome! Go Dores!

Hermitage, TN: Congratulations on the big bowl win. Nashville is proud of you guys!

Joe Soto (Tallahassee): Woohoo!

Mark (Franklin, TN): DUDES!!! AWESOME!!!

Nilr (TN): What a historic win! Way to prove that we belonged in a bowl. Let this be the start of a winning era. Can't wait until next season. It's good to be gold! Go 'Dores!

Steve M. (St. Simons Island, GA): Congratulations Dores. Awesome to have a winning team. Keep it up.

Emily (Pulaski, TN): Congratulations, Vandy! There's so much I'd like to say here, but I'm just going to have to leave it with that - hope to see you in many, many more bowl games.

austin (nashville): ive been watching the commodores for a long time now and even though they've broken my heart, they repaired it tonight...congrats alumni fans players and everyone else...happy new year and GO DORES!!!!!!!!(we wil miss you D.J)

Mary Lou Myers (Collierville, TN): How sweet it a 1985 grad, I've waited a long time for this return to glory. Carry the momentum into next year!

Kenny ( Old Hickory): Great job by the players, staff and all the fans for showing up. Couldnt be prouder of a group than we are of this group.

chris marve fans(baton rouge,la): way to go chris and vandy, we are so proud of you!!

Franklin, TN: Awesome. I was at the Hall of Fame Bowl in '82. This tops it! You guys made the University proud, as well as this whole city. Congratulations!!

Elaine & Michaela (Nashville): We are so proud to be Vandy fans! Thanks for the game we will never forget!!

bill w. (Montgomery, AL): Way to go Dores!!! Congratulations!!!

Bill Knestrick: Great game! Kudos to all the players, coaches, trainers, etc. for a great season and team effort!!!!

Chuck (Murfreesboro): You made me & a lot of die hard fans proud to be a Commodore! Congrats guys! We waited along time 4 this & ya guys did it! Go 'Dores!

Jason (Mt. Juliet): Great Job Guys!!!! I've waited a long time for this. Go Dores!!!! All the best in the NFL D.J.

Stephen Harris-Nashville: Words cant express how meaningful this day was to me. You guys rose above adversity and lack of respect to demolish the regular season champions of the ACC. You guys have made me proud to be a commodore. You have my unending gratitude.

Clay from Nashville: I want yall to know Ive been waiting for this day my whole life. Im glad I wasnt the only one crying after that game. Ill never forget this group. Go dores love you vandy!!!

Jim (Lansdale, PA): Congratulations on a job well done Commodores!!! You guys finished - and that is why you are a different Vanderbilt!!!

Smyrna, Tn,: Outstanding!!!!!!!!

mark bode..vandy baseball.1970-73: proud of you ALL season for playing like champions too !

simon yates(springfield): thats what im talkn bout vandy,,why to prove all of them wrong,,,we will miss u george smith,,,,,,GO VU

Mike (Tullahoma): Wow! What a new year's eve treat! Your performance today was like Lexington all over again. You made us proud! Wish we could keep playing, but can't wait until next fall. The quarterback shuffle was very exciting. I am sooooo... happy and glad to be gold!!!

Lee (Goodlettsville): Great job, guys. This means so much to so many people. It is so good to be gold!!


Lauren (Irvine, CA): I'm so proud of my 'Dores! Thanks for making us proud. My fiance is in grad school at Boston College so needless to say I enjoyed proving him wrong today! It's a great day to be a Commodore!

Jacob (Charoltte): Great win. I was watching from start to finish. Hey Thomas, I'm Joanna's little brother

Pat (Goodlettsville): How about those Dores!!! The game was great and so is this team. Let's do it again next year in a warmer climate.

Mike (Franklin): Great win. Congrats. Sometimes you have to do the little things that make the difference.

Sandra (Brentwood): It only gets better from here! Go 'Dores!!

Betty and Ken Eaton: We are so proud of you! It couldn't have happened to a greater group of guys! All the best to the seniors, and we look forward to next year! GO DORES!!

steven boston: go dores when america didnt believe you did. Go Dores

Stratton (Decatur): We will miss you, D.J. You played a great game, Dores. Go Dores! V.U.!!

Music City, USA: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!

Ray (Vandy, TN): Way to go guys! That is how you gut out a win! Nashville is black and gold!!!!

Kristin (Atlanta): Congratulations on showing America that premier academics & athletics can co-exist. I am so proud to be a Commodore!

David White (birmingham: Proud of you guys.Great effort!

will (NJ): the team always shows a lot of heart. Great win, let's do it again next year!

Tom(Thompson's Station): Lifelong VU fan and alum ... Great Job ... what a win for the Dores !

Mike (Jasper, IN): I took my whole family to the game and you guys were awesome! Congrats to all the players and staff on a stupendous effort against BC!!

Mike A: way to go VU! We are so proud!

cw (knoxville): I am a Vol fan, but want to congratulate the Commodores for their great win for them and the Sec. Go Dores!

JMH (Jax. FL): Congrats, you guys played a heck of a game. Keep it up!

shay (cleveland, ga): Apparently, the "V" in Vanderbilt stands for more than Valedictorian! Go Dores!

Brett Nashville: It is three in the morning and there is a smile on my face because you made it to a bowl AND you won it! Well done. Congratulations.

Willis (Mobile, AL): What a game! I think every player stepped up and gave at least 110%. I never thought I would see a mistake free game, but I did. Thanks from a Class of '64 alum.

David (Cookeville): Great Job We sat through the cold and watched the Dores Win! Go black and gold! Who Ya With?

Big Vandy Fan: Congrats to the coaches, current players, and all those in the past who got the program to this point! One of my proudest moments as a fan!

Knoxville: DORES RULE !

Jim (Murfreesboro): You made everyone very proud of Vandy over the last few years, and this tops it all off. Way to go Dores.

Manchester, TN: I've been a Vanderbilt fan for 58 years...This was the best win ever! Congratulations to the team and especially to Coach Bobby Johnson. Stay in Nashville forever, Coach!

Mark (Johns Creek GA): Nicely Done!

Danny (Greenbrier): I am so proud to be a Vandy fan this morning. Way to go go guys...

Phoenix, AZ: Congratulations from the desert and a transplanted Nashville native. You made us proud. Looking forward to the 09 season!

Brenda (Griffin, Ga.): Way to go Brett, Mr. MVP! Special Teams Rocked Boston College! You all made history!

g kelly augusta ga: thanks and congratulations

Sam, Ally, Shannon and Greg-Austin, Tx: What a great way to start off the New Year! Thanks for an exciting season!! The defense, especially Patrick Benoist, rocks!!! Can't wait until next season!

LynnB in Panama City Beach: Awesome guys - you've made us all proud. You guys are a class act.

Pete-Madison,Tenn.: always loved the dores-great team effort and way to stay focused!We are all very proud of you guys!

Joe (Nashville): Way to go guys! I knew that you could do it. Go Vandy!

Marc, Chicago: Congratulations Vandy on finally breaking through and thanks for giving all of us in the Commodore nation a season to hang our hats on!

Alex Milledgeville, Ga.: I am proud of your commodores about yesterday. Good luck next year

Hunter Mc (Ocala Fla): Defense Defense Defense. Great game guys you make every Vandy fan proud!!!!!

Peter (Gladeville): Congratulations Vandy You are everything that college sport is meant to be The joy of this victory to the loyal Vandy fans makes it all the more special Go Dores!

Doug (Culleoka): Way to go, Dores! I'm with you win or lose, but win sure feels a lot better.

Meg (Nicholasville, KY): Thank you SO MUCH! You have made me happier than I've ever been (except for my wedding day and my son's birth!). You guys are awesome!

Emma (Nashville): I've never been more proud to be a Vandy fan! Thanks for the great memory and congrats on an amazing BOWL win!

Randy - KNOXVILLE (Commodore Country): Congrats Vandy! I am pround to be a Commodore! You guys played awesome!

Jarvis Atlanta, GA: Congrat you all proved america wrong a job well done

Pat Schultea Winston-Salem,NC: So this is what winning feels like.I kinda like it. Way to go Dores.

Steve (Gainesville, FL): No one gave Vandy a chance going in against a BC team whose last game was for a conference championship. What most impressed me was 0 turnovers & 0 fouls. No fouls is quite a feat in itself but with 3 different QB's!.. very impressive.

Al (Murfreesboro): Great job guys! Congrats to the only bowl winning team in Tennessee! I'm extremely proud to be called a Commodore! Enjoy the time off and let's get ready for even greater things in '09!

Hugh Brian (Moss,TN): Way to go guys made us all very proud go dores

Thomas (Franklin,TN): Been a Vandy fan my entire life. I've watched some great teams and players in this program but this is the team I will always remember. GO DORES!!!!!!!!!!!

Mount Juliet: Way too goooo, dores!!!! Coach Johnson congratulations too you and your staff for this well deserved season and can't wait till next year.

Piper (Louisville): Great game! Great season!

Rutherfor County TN: A big shout out to Gaston Miller, James Willians, Adam Smotherman, and big Mike Bryant - our home guys representing the black and gold!! GO DORES!!

Katie (Smyrna, TN): GREAT JOB - we're so proud of you!!!

Laura Gulf Breeze, Fl: took my mom grad '54 go dores!!

Rosie (Mufreesboro): Yoy guys ROCK! Congrad to you and coach Bobby Johnson!

Richmond: A game for the ages. Great job! Vandy is # 1 !!!

David ( Lavergne, TN ): Congratulations to the hardest working players and coaching staff in college football.

Fans in Ellicott City, Maryland: You had us on the edge of our seats and we LOVED every minute of it! WAY TO GO, DORES!!!!


Danny Jones (Henderson, Tn.): I am sooooooooooo proud of evdery one of you. I know that you will represent Vanderbilt forever and affect the world by making it a better place. Go Dores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KAH (Nashville via Springfield): I have followed Vanderbilt athletics since 1973, and am VERY proud of the accomplishments of this team and coaching staff!! You have all done us proud!!!! Keep it up, this season was FUN!!!

Alison Oddo Birmingham, Al Fall '08: I'm so proud of our football team and I'm very proud of the university as a whole! We've got something special all round from academics to athletics. Go Commordoes! Oh hell Yeah! and I'm very proud to be a commodore!

Daniel (Spring Hill, TN): Congrads players and coaches. Can't believe I finally saw CBJ smile! Long time coming. Been watching since '86. Thanks for the memories and changing VU FB history.

Gordon(58): great win-I've been to all four of the Vandy bowls & this was the sweetest one. GO DORES.

Archie (Nashville): Congratulations to everyone for the great win. Thank you for giving all of us fans a magical season and to Bobby Johnson for turning around the program. You have proved the nation that Vanderbilt football is no longer something to laugh at.

Emily (Alexandria, VA): Way to go DORES! Congrats to all of the players, coaches and staff!! So deserved! We're all so proud to have a team that never gives up. Let's keep it going!!!

Nashville,TN: I've waited all of my 33 years of life for this. MY son just had to wait for 3 weeks..Go dores!!!!!!!Graham

Hendersonville: I'm so pround of you guys!! You stepped up and got it done! You deserve it and have made history for Nashville! Lets do it again in 2009!!

Andrew J. (Nashville): Thank you, 2008 Commodores. You made my New Year's and quite possibly my year. I've been waiting a long time, and it was a special night.

Grant (Port St Lucie, FL): Congratulations. See you next year in the Sugar Bowl.

Larry &Shari Stone,Ringgold GA: Steven Stone we are so proud of you and the DORES! We always believed! You ROCK and we can't wait to win the SEC 2009!

Cathy Welsh, Memphis, TN: My Dad (Andrew Welsh, '52) and I watched the game, as we have been following you all year. You earned your success, and made us very proud.

Miller Family, Phoenixville Pa: Great Job! Keep it up next year, and next...

Richard & Anita (Gladeville TN): Never been as proud to be a Vandy fan! Congratulations on a great game and a special season! Thank you and Go Dores!

Sarah M-H (South Dakota): Hooray! We're showing our GOLD here in South Dakota! SO proud of the coaches, team, and the 'athletic department that isn't' ... keep it up!

Kevin - Nashville: Great regular season followed by a great bowl game win. Congratulations to the team, Coach Johnson, and his staff.

Vandynum1 (Hendersonville): AWESOME game! CONGRATS on a great season!! Looking foward to another great season next year. GO DORES!!!!!

Andy (Atlanta): Way to go dores! Great year and the young talent makes me very excited for next season!

Bobby from Springfield: I'm first time season ticket owner and it was worth every minute of it....Congratulations Dores!!!!!

Lynna (Lebanon): Conquer and Prevail !! Huge Congratulations to my Commodores !

Bill (Memphis, Rebel fan): I was pulling for you guys all year except our game; hated the late season slide; but proud of you again. Way to go!

Barry (Fairview, NC): You guys are The Greatest! You're my heroes for life. Congratulations on all your efforts and achievements! That was the best game I have ever seen. Way to go 'Dores!! VU Forever.

Tim (Thompsons Station, TN): I'm so proud of you all!! You are a huge part of the NEW foundation of the Commodore Nation!!

Kevin W. (Nashville): I was privy enough to watch the action from the club level last night. It was an amazing game. The only one this season that was more exciting was Auburn, and that one is hard to top. I can't say thank you enough Dores! You have made 2008 for me. Now lets work on an SEC championship for 2009!

Bill & Genelle (Lexington, KY): Our third bowl game to follow Vu, but this is the best EVER!! THANK YOU DORES!! Good luck to all seniors and others who choose to follow their dreams!!

Brian & Sarah Craighead (Nashville, TN): The Craighead Family was at the bowl game and loved every bit of it!! WAY TO GO DORES!!

Goody67: No excuses, the cold did not deter a wonderful effort from the Dores who wanted it more! Congratulations on a great season!

Kevin, Shelbyville: Great year! Use it to build on for next year. I Believe!

Sylvia (Jackson): We are so proud of you! We have been loyal fans in section C for 30 plus years. We can't wait for next season. THANK YOU!

Beth (Nashville, TN): It's GREAT to be Gold! Congratulations to the players, coaching staff and VU administration - I am so proud to be a Vandy fan!

Lisa: Congratulations Dores! I was at the game and am just so excited for you guys.

Bruce (Kentucky): Year began with a meeting with Corey Chavous and a challenge to become the best team Vanderbilt has ever had. You are, in my opinion. Every future team will be measured against your accomplishments.

Jenell (Nashville): Congratulations to a wonderful group of young men and a terrific coaching staff!! You have made us all proud to be GOLD!!!!!!!!!

L & A (Nashville): Congrats to Coach Bobby Johnson and the team from your #1 fans!!!!

Stephen (Tampa, FL): Congrats to Bobby Johnson and the team for perservering. This was a long time coming and it is awesome!

Vickie: Awesome game, Commodores! We are so proud of you guys! Carry your excitement and power into next season, It is Good to Be GOLD!

Deepa (Atlanta): CONGRATULATIONS!! You played very well and made us all proud! GO DORES!

David H. (Nashville): Congratulations to these extremely talented young men. They deserve to be proud of themselves for this great honor. Look forward to next year to see what is next for this terrific program. Go Vandy and a big thank you to Coach Bobby Johnson and his staff.

Rob (San Diego): Followed the whole season from out here on the west coast. You guys make me proud to be a Vandy fan and wish I was there to see it!!

Bill(Joelton): Congrats! and THANK YOU for Making Nashville black and gold instead of orange and white.

Walt (Atlanta): Congratulations on a job well done. You guys played a great game and the fans were really into the game. It was cold but well worth the trip. Let's do it again next year

Austin, TX: Thank you for making Vanderbilt fans from across the country proud! We love to defy the odds.

JB Nashville: Thanks

Tim (Hendersonville): Congrats to Coach Johnson and all of the team. It is great to be GOLD!!!!!

J2M Doreville TN: A total team effort got that Victory.The 08 Commodores proved that if you practice,play and live like a champion you will indeed become a champion. Enjoy it,you guys earned it. GO DORES!!!!

Wade- Columbia: Awesome; Been a Loyal fan for years, Congrats to the team and Coach Johnson

Jeff Gould Nashville: Congratulations to all the players and the coaches. Great job!!!

Steve L. (Nashville, TN): Congratulations on such an outstanding victory. You all make our city proud.

Kate (Charleston, SC): We drove 18 hours to be there for a win or a loss. Thanks for the win!!! Go Dores!

CommodoreDad (Birmingham): "DARE TO BELIEVE!"

Liz (Nashville): I am so proud of you guys. It's "Great" to be GOLD!!!!

Scott Parker (Hendersonville): Congrats guys, all of you deserve this win. Great job!!! It was great in 08, Let's make it fine in 09.

Ben (Loganville, GA): # tackles and 1 for a lo on a crucial third down play. rock on T.J. Greenstone. Also, Dores next season is a national title game.

Wanda (Hendersonville): WAY TO GO 'DORES' you have done the school proud. can't wait till next season

Nick (Nashville, TN): Congratulations on an outstanding season and an awesome bowl game victory. No penalties, no turnovers, just extreme dedication and a never-say-die attitute. Hardly noticed the cold from all the excitment... GO DORES!!!!!!

Judy (Lebanon, TN): We're there win or lose but winning is sure a lot more fun! We're always proud of you guys but I can't even describe how this feels. THANK YOU! Can't wait for next season!!


TSU: Good Job guys way to represent Nashville!!!!

Tyler (Dickson): Way 2 go, Mighty 'Dores!!

Sean Lee (Nashville, TN): Congratulations on a winning season capped by an exciting bowl win over BC. That was a great win and could not have happened to a more deserving team, staff and fans. GO DORES!!!

Brad (White House, TN ): Hell yeah...feels good, turn it up. Go Dores!

Linda Langham, Manchester, TN: Go 'Dores, congrats to my alma mater. We are a university to be admired and feared off an on the football field. I'm proud of our team and coaching staff. THAT's MY TEAm!

Marie (Nashville): Congrats!! I am proud of the whole team and everybody that worked so hard.

Vandyalumni: Congratulations to the entire team and coaching staff!! It is so great to have that Bowl victory now, and we look forward to building on that next year with such great talent. DJ, we wish you the best in the NFL, but PLEASE consider returning to Vanderbilt to get your diploma one day!!

Gary Kemp Castalian Springs: Way to go Dores. Hope experts pick us to win 2 games next year

Felicia (Nashville): In 11 MC bowls, this is the 1st time I stayed till the end. THANKS VANDERBILT!! GO DORES!!


Blake (Kingston Springs): I am only 8 yrs old and Proud to Be a Black and Gold Fan...Way to go Dores...... Please stay DJ!!!!!!!

Leonard ( Joelton ): I've been a fan since 1969. One of the best moments in our football history. Hopefully more to come in the future. Go Vandy!!!!!!

Bill of Los Angeles: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. As an alumnus, I truly can appreciate the hard work involved both on the field and off. Your efforts have made more Vandy tears flow than since I crossed that graduation stage. Damn, Damn Proud. Now let's make it a habit.

Joe Maryville, TN: We drove a long way to see this game. We were delighted. Congratulations on a great game. I really enjoyed seeing all of the freshmen play so well.

Carla(Nashville): Great game and terrific season. Keep up the good work. GO `DORES!!!

Kris Hunt 8yrs old: Dear Vandy , You are so awsome and i am your biggest fan. Great job at the bowl game. I had a great time. Thanks Coach Johnson and players

Kathy & Hank (Nashville): Congratulations on a great winning season and bowl victory. We are so proud of all of your efforts. Go Dores!!

GW (Chicago): Go Dores!!! Thank you for having a great year.

Bill & Diana of Birmingham: Fantastic Game. Thank God for all of you players and coaches. GO DORES!

Carol & Tim Duncan (Franklin, TN): We love the Commodores. It was definitely worth the wait!! Can't wait till next season...

Brent Graham: Thanks so much to the seniors, especially. You are winners. Underclassmen, it is going to be a long summer waiting for next year - looking forward to it

Julia (Nashville): CONGRATS! you all played amazinggg! you really deserved it! GO DORES!!!!!!!!!!!!

mmc (houston): Down here in Houston, our street had 2 Vanderbilt flags flying high! Thanks for making us so proud!

Chris and Renee (Decatur, AL): Congratulations on your Music City Bowl victory and your winning season! Your hard work and efforts paid off! We enjoyed being there to cheer you on at the bowl game! We look forward to seeing you next year!

Alex (Chattanooga): Great Job Commodores! Well worth the cold as a fan to see us win the game. Congrats to the coaching staff and definitely shout out to my frat brother Chris Nickson, good game Phi! Go Dores!

Scott (Knoxville): Great win guys! Along with UT win in '05, I am happy to be in Knoxville again!

hunter(lebanon): yall are some strait beast and everybody knows it ill miss you george smith

John Morris (Franklin.TN): I've been a Vandy fan for 52 years and have been to both earlier Bowl appearances but this one was the sweetest!

Brent (Hermitage): Way to go Dores!! I am ecstatict to share in this amazing journey! I look forward to next year!

DRB (Memphis): We have all waited a long time for this and couldn't be prouder of what was accomplished. Best wishes in the future for all you seniors, you will be missed but not forgotten. I know a few of you have more football to go. This is just the beginning of success for the underclassmen.

Sam and Joy (Mt Juliet): Way to go 'Dores! This one was for all who have gone before and all who have yet to come - the hard work and dedication paid off! We're so proud of all of you!

Diane in Memphis: 40 Year Fan--enjoyed this season so much.

NATE Columbia: Congrats guys its been a long time comin the future is bright cant wait for next season

Galveston: 26 years is a longggg time. I cried like a baby! Worth the trip. I will never forget it.

JEFF(nashville): KA-BOOOOOOOOMM!!! That's the sound of the naysayers falling by the wayside. Conquer and Prevail!!

Margie (Clarksville): Don't know if I'm more proud of you or happier for you? Either way, way to go!! It was awesome.

Cincinnati: Your Cincinnati Family is so proud of you, Bobby, and all!

Rick (Virginia): This longtime Vandy fan says that I am SO PROUD of you guys. Oh what a feeling!!! Thanks Coaching staff and all the players!

Mark Crossville: I have stuck by you for 52 years and this is why. Thank you so much and best of luck in the future.

Richard (Nashville): It is Good to be GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Dores and lets do it again next year!!!!!

Phil-Nashville:: Congratulations guys! I never had such a good time freezing in my life! Couldn't be prouder.

Joe: For a fan of 40 years who has sat in that cold, windy stadium thru 62-0 games. Thanks men It made every game worth it.

Barry (Nashville): Congratulations on one heck of a run! I wish you all the best in '09 and in many years to come!

Dave and Laureen ( Ohio): Congratulations!!! We drove to Nashville to cheer our Commodores on! Way to go Vandy! Congratulations on a fantastic season!!

Matt (Murfreesboro): It was utterly amazing sitting at LP Field!!! I attended the game with my dad (lifelong fan) and I know that we will cherish the memory of watching the Dores win that game!

ka Nashville: GO DORES!!!! Way to go

Tom- Cookeville, TN: Go Vandy, Last time Vandy went to a bowl I was six. You guys did great and proved that you can win at Vanderbilt

Lance (Houston): Way to go Guys!!! It was worth every frozen minute. Great Game!!!

Franklin, TN: Great Job! Can't wait to see you guys next year.

Stan Mt. Juliet: It Good To be a commodore!!!! Long time fan I Believe!!!

Brentwood: After this year, I am positive I will be buying 2009 season tickets!

Charlie (Alexandria, VA): Only fitting that special teams play was KEY is helping the Dores secure the W in Music City. Congrtulations on a great year and bowl win!!

Riaz Lohrasbi(Antioch): Thanks for a great year and and for giving us hope!! look forward to 2009!

Dana (Old Hickory): Thank you from a long suffering fan--it has been worth it ! We have no where to go but up from here-congrats and thank you for making it the best New Year's Eve ever for all VU fans !!!

darrell flowers(lavergne): I was born on October 28, 1967 @1:28pm, right in the middle of a 27-22 loss at Florida. My dad listened to the game on the radio in the waiting room. I had a black and gold cradle shaped like a football to start my life off right. My 3 kids(16, 12, & 11) carried on the tradition with me at the bowl game. We screamed for all we were worth when BC had the ball. Unlike 80% of the walks to the car from Vandy football games in my life, this one was joyous. Congratulations on your successes from this year. Please win the SEC East and beat Fla. at Gainesville this year. Focus and Desire. VU

Benoist Fans from Alabama: Way to go Commodores! We love our BLACK & GOLD!!!

Joe (decatur, Al.): In my subdivision everyone hangs one of those college flags in front when their team wins. This Jan. I'm the only guy with a flag. No Alabama,Auburn,or UT. I'm so proud of you guys.

Ted (Los Angeles): My wife and I came out from LA to come see the Music City Bowl and it was well worth the trip! Congratulations to you and Coach Johnson. Nice to end the season as Champions!

Annette (Lynchburg, VA): You gentlemen have given me more enjoyment than it ought to be legal to have! Thank you so much! Vandy, Vandy all the way!!!

The Merriweather Family: Way to go guys and Sean Keep up the extraordinary work. Great touch down

Vera #38 Bay Shore: Way to go Sean thanks for saving the game.

Chris Hajdu (Austin - Vanderbilt '91): Guys, not only am I so proud of your accomplishment, but even more so, that you did it with true class. What a great group of STUDENT-Athletes!!!
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