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Commodore Fans - Send a message to the men's and women's basketball teams as they prepare to hit the road for the 2008 NCAA Tournament. Thanks for your support and Go 'Dores!

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Jake (Salt Lake City, Utah): I'll be watching you guys from the West coast. Good luck and we're behind you!

Ben (Dallas,Texas): Good luck Dolla Beal! Make Texas proud!!!

Kate (Charlotte, North Carolina): I'm pulling for the Commodores in Albuquerque! Good luck Liz #32 and the rest of the dores!

Mike (Huntsville, AL): Women or Men...Tampa or the Pit...the Dores are gonna take it to the Final Four! Be agressive and go after you dreams ladies/guys!!!

Melissa (Nashville): I know that you guys can go far!! You all have the best team chemistry that I have ever seen, and I know that when you play as brothers, no one can stop you.

Josh ( Nashville): Good Luck guys you can do this!! show the country who VANDY is!!! We are behind you all the way!!

Danny (Greenbrier): We are all behind you guys...just go out relax, have fun, and play your hearts out. Make Nashville happy!

Glen (St. Louis): You all definitely make it "Good to be Gold". Dores are #1!!

Grayson (Tacoma, WA): Historically, Vandy guys are 4-0 in the second round. No joke. We're making it to the sweet sixteen, girls too!

Jonathan (Nashville): I've really enjoyed watching you guys the past few years. I am very proud of the way you have represented Vanderbilt University and the City of Nashville.

Eric (Jackson): Shan, Ross, Red and Alan- Make it a memorable finish to your outstanding careers. You rock!

Jordan (San Diego): Do work dores! Let's silence all the naysayers and show the country that Vandy is becoming a basketball power!

Atlanta: Let's go Dores! I will be watching no doubt.

Jonathan (Tampa FL): I can't wait to meet you guys at practice tomorrow. Stay focused, work together, and believe in each other. If you can do that and play consistently I believe you guys are capable of bringing our second National Championship to Vanderbilt. Go 'Dores!!!!

Jim (Columbia): YOU CAN DO IT! The best athletes AND the best students. . . GO 'DORES

Scott Jones (Alpharetta, GA): Makes us proud, men. I haven't seen this much potential since McCaffrey, Fogler and others made a run in the early 90's. Pulling for you all the way. A&S Class of 1993

Todd (Atlanta): It's GREAT to be GOLD! Go Men's & Women's 'Dores!! Show the so-called "experts" and the doubters that Vanderbilt basketball is about winning! Commodore Nation!

Somerset, KY: Go Gold All the way!

Janet(Nashville): GO 'DORES! Stay focused, and your team chemistry and motivation will take you far. Thank you, seniors, for a great run! Now go out in true Vandy style and have fun. We love you!

Denise (Nashville): I will be glued to the TV Friday nite. Play with a smile. GO DORES!

David, Pensacola, Florida: All the way to the Final Four!

Robert (Hendersonville): Believe in yourself, believe in your teammates, know that your fans are with you, and leave it all on the court. Play this way and you'll do great.

John (Jacksonville, FL): "Dont get caught watching the paint dry..." Good luck, have fun and play with passion. We're proud of you...

Fred (Grand Rapids Michigan): Go 'dores!

Dores in 08 (Atlanta): Go make it happen. Be the aggressor! Drive to the hoop! Play with passion. Focus. Have fun. Enjoy. We are always the underdog so show everyone who we are.

Pete (Trinity Florida): Relax play hard...sweat sixteen beat kansas...GO DORES!

Tom (Louisville): Great season Dores-You can make it happen as you have done all year. Thanks.

Mike (Brentwood): It's been a great run so far, and a heck of a lot of fun. Take it to the next level.

John: (Nashville) Roll On!!!

Me (America): Rock this Dance Vandy! Prove Joe Lunardi wrong. And win or lose, at least we are better than Florida! Go Dores!

Margaret (Vanderbilt): Play like the champions we know you are!

Mehtar Lam, Afghanistan: The troops are with you Dores! bring it all home!

Johns Creek, GA: See the ball... Be the ball

Dan and Susan (Portland, TN): We are SO proud of all ya'll! We'll be watching and praying for you as you go into the "Big Dance."

Myra (Nashville): GO DORES! We believe in you!

Nashville, TN: I am so excited and proud of our Vanderbilt Commodores basketball teams. Keep up the great work and know that all of us here on campus are rooting for you. Vickie Latham

Peter (Phoenix): Go Seniors - lead the way. Dores have had a great season and some great games - now consistency please.

Tallie (Nashville): I have no doubt in my mind that you guys will be cutting the net in the FINAL FOUR! Have fun and the rest will come to you. :)

David Nashville: Go Alan , Shan and Alex.and Ross ..way to go .Vandy is great.. Go Women's team too...Liz you are great!

Brian: Here we go Dores! This is our time! Don't let them get open looks from outside and take charges when they try to Fisher as the shooter off the bench...and most importantly, no second chance points! As long as you guys play the way you're capable, nobody can stop you!

Alex (Carlisle, PA): Tennessean by birth; Commodore by the Grace of God. GO DORES! You've made the family PROUD!

Tricia (Nashville): GO DORES! We believe!

Sam (Yadkinville, NC): I've followed Vandy hoops since the 70s and Vandy has a great tradition in the 35 years I've seen them play. Jan van Breda Kolff, the 'F Troop', Will Perdue, Phil Cox, Billy McCaffery, Dan Langhi and Derrick Byars - just to name a few. Memorial Gym is a gem and Vandy players and coaches have always been the class of the league. Make us proud once again! Go 'Dores!

Robbie (Nashville): You guys are the absolute GREATEST! We are so proud of each of you! We never missed a home game and we thank you for the thrills and excitement you provided us! Hope you make it all the way to the FINAL FOUR! We are cheering for you!

Martha (Louisville): Good luck Vandy! A special shout out to Amber Norton and Merideth Marsh, our Louisville connection!

Paul (Nashville): GO 'DORES! Proud of you and have been supporting you with season tickets for 51 years.

Debbie (Nashville) VU alumni: You guys are the best!!! Wish you much success.

JASON (lebanon): good luck guys i think this is our year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy (Cairo, Egypt): I have an entire school of 1400 students cheering for you from Cairo, Egypt. Go Dores! We love you!

Lisa (Nashville): Go Dores! I'll be cheerng for you with all my heart.

Henderson, KY.: GO DORES!!!! Revenge over Georgetown this year.

Erikka (Baghdad, Iraq): Even though I'm deployed, I've still been keeping track online. Great season and good luck in the tourney! Go Dores!

Terry (Nashville): As a Commodore fan since the 1960's and a season tix holder in both mens and women's BB, I just want to say how proud I am to be a fan of two great teams from a great university! Go DORES!!!

Philip - Jonesboro, AR: What is so special about being a 'Dores fans are the wonderful young men and women on our teams. Have fun - Go far!


Nancy in Nashville: I am a long time fan and am so proud of both teams and wish you the best of luck in the tournament.

Kelly (Nashville): You've all made us proud! Keep up the good work this weekend!

San Antonio Express: Prove the haters wrong! Leave it all on the floor and make us proud.

Sandy (Eagleville, TN): I have been a season ticket holder for 20+ yrs & this has been the most exciting season ever!! Thanks Shan, Red, Ross, Alan & the entire team for a great year1 Go VANDY!!

TN: leave everything on the court!!!!

Laney (Tampa): Go 'Dores! I will be in Tampa cheering as we win!!

Nashville, TN: Go Dores - Women and Men.

Amber (Portland, TN): We will all be watching and cheering you on. We love our Dores! See you in the final four. Go gold....

Eric (St. Louis): GO VANDY!

Stephen (Franklin): I have no doubt if you play at the level you are capable of, as if it were a home game in memorial, you can beat any team in the nation

Brian (Franklin, TN): Vandy fans all know what you're made of, now show the world. Dominate them, and have fun.

Sarah Mannes Homstad: Commodores, you continue to make us alumni proud! Play hard! We'll be cheering for you!

Ryan (Detroit): Congratualtions!! Continue to carry coach's attitude with you on the court. Treat every possession like it is your last, take care of the basketball, and most imporatantly have fun. I can't wait to see you in Detroit (Ford Field - sweet 16) Go Dores!!

Steve (Mt. Juliet): Thanks for the memories,Vandy. Go Dores.

Jennifer (Lebanon,Tn): Go Dores!!!! Good Luck and have a safe trip. I have enjoyed watching and cheering you guys on this season. Play hard, have faith in one another and yourself, and leave it all on the court---GO DORES!!!!

Kim (Nashville): Guys and Girls, we love you and are so proud to see you in the tournament again. Best of luck to all of you!

Brian/Clarksville: GO DORES !!!!!!!!! ELITE 8 OR BUST !!!!

Daniel (Nashville): Go 'Dores!

Sam ( Nashville ): Lets kick some and go ALL THE WAY. GO DORES

Chris ( Fort Pierce,FL): Good luck to the Women out in NM. Guys I will be there in Tampa and I will be loud and proud. Lets go and cut some nets down. GO VANDY!

Joel, Campbell & Wilson (Franklin, TN): GO Dores!!!! We Believe!!

Miss Kathy Nashville: We are all really proud of you! Go win some games!! GO DORES!!!!!!

Chip Hoback (Nashville): I'm proud of the Men and the Women. I plan on losing my voice this weekend. I won't have an amplification system this time. Chip (Your PA Guy). Make some noise. Go Dores.

Tim (Nashville): CRUSH SIENA!

Casey (San Francisco): I have been listening to games via the internet all season and I can't wait to watch y'all on TV. Good luck! I am so proud to be a Vandy fan!!

Rebecca and Donald Risper: You Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens YOU! Philippians Chapter 4 verse 13

David Woods (Los Angeles, CA): Congratulations on a great season! I believe it's only just the beginning. Thanks for making us so proud. GO 'DORES!

Sam (Dubai): I'll be watching you guys all the way from Dubai ... it'll be a late nighter for me but surely worth it. Makes us proud.

Winchester: Go DORES! From your favorite 11 year old fan, Colin.

Dan & Susan: Go Dores. You are our shinning stars. Lets bring thoes nets. Good Luck

Kenneth (Nashville): I have enjoyed watching and keeping up with these teams this year. Go 'Dores!!!

Jeff (Nashvile): Both teams have done a great job to each get a #4 seed. Two national champs would be even better! Go get 'em!!!

Ted Ridings VU'59 Goodlettsville, TN: Go 'Dores (Men and Women): Take it to the hoop! Come home with GOLD!

Tom (Memphis): Have fun; Play hard; and WIN

Kathleen (Charleston, SC): Go Vandy!

John Mills (Nashville): Go Vandy!

wilkins (Houston): Gitty up

Kate (Boston): Go DORES! It's good to be gold!

Nashville: Ross, Red, Shan & Alan- lead us to the top!

John Memphis: You are a great team. Play hard.

Elizabeth (Atlanta): We Vandy alums will be cheering loud in Atlanta! Let's go DORES!

Kristen (Nashville): Show 'em some of that Black and Gold pride!! You are UNSTOPPABLE!!

Joanne (Nashville): Good luck dores!!!! You all rock and we are so proud of you. GO DORES!!!!

Russ (franklin, tn.): Thank You guys for creating some great memories for me. Now go create some more for me and yourselves. You are a GREAT TEAM!

Andrew (Nashville): I might be coming to the Siena game and you are going to dominate. S. Foster is going to have 37 points. Good Luck to the Girls Team also!

Joe (Maryville): Go Vandy. Have fun. Play hard. Win.

Jeff (Atlanta): See you in Tampa! Go Dores!!

Felicia (Nashville): Let's go all the way DORES! I will be screaming so loud in Tampa that it will be heard in Albuquerque. GO DORES!!!

Anne & Tom (Tyler,TX): We've been Vandy fans since Memorial was built. We were students when Perry's balconies were installed. But never more proud than of this year's team...see you in San Antonio

Al (Connecticut): Upset Special? Don't thinks so!Much love for my Dores. Have faith, play hard, & enjoy the experience.

Joe Brock (Brentwood): Let's go dancing!!! Go 'Dores. Bring it home.

Leigh (Columbus, Ohio): Thank you so much for such an amazing season. Good luck and have fun!!

Tom (Scottsboro, AL): Play like dynamite in Albuquerque and Tampa. Go Vandy!

Tim (Woodbury): Such a fun season this year! You can beat whoever they put in front of you!

Dolly (Santa Fe, TN: I have been a Vandy fan for 60 years and you are my all time favorite team. I love your character.

david white-birmingham: Alex, Shan, Ross, Met-You are our leaders. Pulling for you guys big time! Good luck team

Alumna in Nashville: You make us proud, win or lose. But how about we go out and win some?? Bring home those nets! GO DORES!!!!

Joe B. (Nashville, TN): Go Dores! The Memorial Magic is travelling with you - remember all of us cheering from home. Have fun! We're proud of you!

Dorothy (Puerto Aventuras, Mexico): Go 'Dores!! We are so proud of you. Dynamite when Vandy starts to fight. Win them all.

debbie-lexington, ky.: my daughter is a senior on the vanderbilt danceline so we have had season tickets and attended many games over the past 4 years-including the florida, kentucky and tennessee games this year!! so very proud of how well you all are playing and how well you represent vanderbilt university!! go dores!! we'll be watching!!

Erica (Franklin): Have fun and play HARD! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! GO DORES!!! :)

Buffie and Ray: Tall and proud! Go Dores!!

Tish (Rouseville, PA): Let's Go Dores! We will be watching & cheering on both Vandy teams! Especially the women - Go Jence! We are so proud of you! Let's win some ball games!

Paulette: Go Dores....look forward to watching both men and hard....have fun.

Glenn (Nashville): Go Dores!

Michael (Nashville): Seniors, how many more games do you want to play this year? Let's shoot for 6! Freshmen-Juniors, want to play on national tv again? Go show them how we play in TN! Picture yourself at Memorial every game!! Who you wit? VU!

Madelyn (Nashville): As a LONG TIME Vanderbilt supporter, I couldn't be any prouder of a team as I am of this one. Your character and skill will get you far. GO DORES!!

Dixie from VUH: Go Dores. I have tremendously enjoyed this season. Thanks for the fun---I can't wait to see you all move on!!!GO VU

Stephanie (Nashville): Go Dores. Make those 3 pointers Alex, Shan, and Jermaine. Go Jamie. You can win- we will go to Detroit with you.

Jackie (Old Hickory, Tn): GO DORES!! This is our year!! Guys & Gals

Chet (Louisville, Ky): Have fun. Play well & take care of the ball.


Candace: Stay focused and have fun!! Go Dores!

Jim and Mary: We're really proud of what you've accomplished this year. Don't quit now - keep winning!

Andrew (Nashville): Go Dores!!! Every season you guys provide us fans with incredible memories and fantastic games. Kentucky..South Carolina...Miss St...and of course UT! What a season. Thanks to all the seniors. Lets send them out with a bang. Who ya with? VU!!!!!!!!!!!

John (Nashville, TN): Take it to 'em every possession. We're proud of you. Good luck!

The Danko Family (Sahuarita, Arizona): We know that each and every one on the team is a smart player and works hard in practice all year long to learn how Coach Stallings needs everyone to play. To that end, play smart while you're in the game, use your head at all times, and use the advantages that God has given you to excel. We wish everyone the best. Win or lose, play as hard as you can until that 40th minute, and no one could have asked any more of you. Your team has had a remarkable season. Please give everything you've got at the big dance, and we know you'll go far.

Millie ( Lebanon, Tn): Been behind Vandy for 50 yrs., will always be pulling for the Dores.

Mita (Seattle, WA): Good Luck in the Tournament! We're all proud of you! GO 'DORES!

Brian (Colorado Springs): This is what you work for, what you play for, and what you dream of. This is time soak in the moment, embrace the pressure, live out loud, and leave it all out there on the court. We are all so proud of each of you. God bless you all.

Bill & Genelle: Good luck Dores!! And may thae Force be with you... We're so proud of the student athletes that represent Vanderbilt University!

Michelle (Houston): I'll see you guys in San Antonio. You can do it! Play hard, play focused, play smart and you'll make it!

Lacey (Murfreesboro): Good luck 'Dores! Be smart, play hard and have fun! We are all extremely proud of what you've done so far and can't wait to see you end the post season strong!

(Memphis): Coach Stallings said it best in his press conference, "We were outhustled in the conference tournament." If we play hard, go after every rebound and loose ball like its the most important thing in our life, we will be fine and go a long way in the tournament.

Jimmy (St. Louis, MO): Good luck, y'all - get that revenge on Georgetown (make them WALK home) and then show us how it's done in San Anton - see you in Detroit, but have fun in Tampa first!

Kim (Nashville): GO DORES!! Shan, Alex, Ross, & Alan- Use your execllent senior leadership to take us all the way! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! To the team- THANK YOU FOR AN AWESOME SEASON!! I'll be cheering as loud as I can!

Nathan, 3 (Colorado Springs): Granddaddy and Daddy took me to my first game at Memorial this fall. I had a lot of fun watching you win. I will be watching on Friday - Go Vandy!

Lea (Murfreesboro, TN): GO DORES! We love you and believe in all of you guys! You really deserve this!!! Play hard and know your fans are behind you all the way! GOOD LUCK!

D Smith (Nashville): Go Dores!

Jenny (Nashville): Go Dores! I am headed to Tampa to help you on the road to a victory! Commodore fans are proud of you!

JD (Atlanta): You've been there before. You can do it again and MORE!! We believe!

CB(Franklin): Best of luck to both teams.Go VU

Ned (Wilmore, KY): From a Quinq drowning in a Big Blue sea - I'd love to see you whip the Cats again in a rubber game!

Chris (Nashville): One word: Emotion This team can do whatever you want to do. Now it's time to show the rest of the world what we already know! Get after it, and we'll all be pulling for you.

Steph (Nashville): Go 'Dores! I'm having such a great time watching both teams play this year! Keep it going! And take that Memorial Magic with you!!

kelli & Michelle (mt juliet,tn): GGGGGGGGOOOOOOOO DDDDDOOOOORRRRREEEESSSS!!!!!!! We love you and this is our year to go ALL THE WAY!!!!!!! ITS GOOD TO BE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!

David (Murfreesboro): So proud of you guys! Let's make it past this weekend and get this ball a-rollin!

Sebastian (blacksburg): Just make us proud.

Danny(Columbia,Tn.: Good luck guys.The national media as always is showing you no love.Show em what your made of.

Garrett (Lubbock): FIGHT DORES!

zACHARY (BRENTWOOD,tn): great job and i will be there with my family watching and lets show people why we belong in this thing

Lisa (Memphis): Come on, guys! Do your best! We'll be there to root you on to spite the media. This is my first game to see in person since I graduated and left town! Been a fan for many years, and will stay one no matter what!

Josh (New Market, MD): You guys are going to kill in the tourney this year! But remember, no matter what the outcome, Vanderbilt alumni are immensely proud of your accomplishments. Thank you for representing Vanderbilt with honor and dignity.


Bob (Chicago): Go Dores. Haven't been this excited since leaving Vandy 33 years ago. Don't let up!!!


Ricky (Livingston): Go Dores! Men & Women - all the way!

Fred (Bahamas): You guys can take down anyone in your path to San Antonio.... Can't wait to watch you guys do it...

James (Sacramento): Too bad the menís or womenís games arenít in Sacramento this year. We absolutely went nuts last year with the menís success at Arco. Being able to see the Commodores in person was a treat for us, especially with huge wins in the NCAA tournament. I really envy those folks able to go to Tampa. Bring your A-games; both the men and women have the talent to go all the way Ė which is, of course, how my brackets are filled out for the office pool. Go Commodores! James (í99) and Debbie (í98).

Dave (Alexandria, VA): Good luck taking the hoops programs to the next level (both Men and Women)! It's been a treat following the programs this year. Y'all can accomplish anything you dream. Believe it!!!! Go Dores!

Ryan (Texas): The majority of the nation media has jumped on the wrong bank wagon. Make them sorry that they did! GO DORES!!!!!!!!!!!!

VU Lifeflight Pilot: Play defense and rebound for 40 minutes and you'll be going to the Motor City.

Shane/Nolensville: Go Dores!! Just play like you do at Memorial and you can't lose!!

Elizabeth D Wilson: You have made us all so proud! What a great year to be a Commodore!

Dore Fan (Nashville): Go Liz! Go Tina! Go Jen! Go Merideth! Go Lauren! Go Amy! Go Jessica! Go Amber! Go Ashlee! Go Jence! Go Hannah! Go Chanel! Go Rebecca! Go DORES!!

Scott (hendersonville): Show em what your working with!!!

Al Davis (Oakland): Just win, baby!

Shannon (Hendersonville): All of you make me proud to be a Commodore! I will be cheering you on, and proudly wearing my black and gold! Go Dores!

Lee (Goodlettsville): Looking forward to seeing you play on Friday and beyond. Just keep playing with heart and desire. You guys are great ambassadors, as well as great Commodores.

Troy and Eva Gray, Nashville, TN: Good luck to you guys. Make us proud! GO DORES!!!

Cara (DC): Beat Siena! Go Vandy!

John Shackleton (Atlanta): You are only as good as you think you are. Since you are awesome, believe it and you will win it all. Go Commodores!

Penny (Mt. Juliet): Play hard and savor every moment! We love you! GO DORES!

The Vinsons (Manchester): Play Hard Play Smart and Have Fun GO DORES!!!!

Mark (Gibsonville, NC): You guys have the talent to go as far as you can see. I grew up in Nashville and had the pleasure of watching some great teams. I graduated from Alabama, but I am Black and Gold all the way in any sport. Great coaches, great players....who could ask for more. Best of luck......who ya with? VU!!!!!

Mike (Smyrna): Play relentless defense like you did against Kentucky at home and rebound, rebound, rebound, and you will be looking at a national championship!

Ross (Huntsville, AL): I have 46 years of Vanderbilt basketball under my belt but I have never been prouder of our teams or more excited by our prospects! Sienna and Montana are going down and that's just the beginning! GO Dores!

Nancy (Huntsville): I am SO PROUD to be part of the VANDY FAMILY with each of YOU! You make College Basketball a better game! Win or Lose, you have great futures and you will make the World a better place! Keep your heads on straight - play with all your heart - spread the Vandy Magic - and WIN, WIN, WIN!!! Thanks for the Memories - Past and Future!!!

Meg (Nicholasville, KY): As a Vandy grad who's worked for UK for 30 years, you can imagine how thrilled I am to be the one with something to be proud of this year. Keep it going! I believe in you!

Carol (Nashville): Go Dores! We are SO proud of both the men's and women's teams. Good luck in the tournaments. I know you will make us proud, as always!!!!

Rick, Park Ridge, IL (Chgo): Kansas who? Forget what the experts say. Pretend every team is Tennessee!

Jim Brentwood: It all starts on defense. Disrupt, disrupt, disrupt! If they press get dunks at our end. Shan: drive to the basket. Ross; go to the rim. Everybody shoot when open, no hesitation on pulling the trigger. Proud of you guys - Final Four this year!

Lauren (Nashville): Best wishes from your number one fan!

richard thornton: Nashville,TN: I come to all the home games and I think everybody on the team works hard and plays the game the right way, giving all the glory to God.

Anna Russell: Nashville,TN: play hard and win it and you are amazing and win

Lance Nashville: Guys the season is just starting take it to Siena, be aggressive and play like it is your last game! Go DORES ONE GAME AT A TIME!

vandypam nashville: Go Vandy Men and Women. I am on the Commodore Special Olympics Basketball Team and we had our State Tournaments last weekend, we played our hearts out and won Silver medals. Play your heart out this weekend. And show your GOLD!!!!!! VandyPam

David P.(Nashville): to both 'dores and lady ' dores, you guys are the best, no matter how far you go in the tournament, you are Nahville's team! Who ya' with?!

Barbara (Nashville): Go Vandy! Keep making me proud to be a lifelong Commodore fan! Play hard and do your best - we all know that is more than good enough!

Stevenm Nashville: Make History! I'm planning an elite eight party to watch you guys. No doubt you'll make it that far!


Bob Dudley Smith, Nashville: When the adrenalin starts flowing, no one knows how great you can play and we wish you play with heart and soul and good things happen.

Karen (Milwaukee): We're so proud of you! Go Dores!

MeredithM (Nashville): Congrats to both teams! We will be rooting for you all the way! GOOD LUCK!!!

Mamaw Nancy (Louisville): 1 Peter 13 ( Imagine your shots going in (prepare your mind for action be self controlled set your hope (GO ALL THE WAY) LUV YOU GUYS

M. E. (Tullahoma): To all the Vandy NCAA basketball participates, play smart and have fun. Best of success. Go Vandy WIN!!!

Dan (Dunwoody): Godspeed and GO DORES!

Carol Lindberg (Atlanta): GO DORES! Our four year old little boy Rob is cheering for you too. During the seven years that I was at Vandy (five for my BA/MBA & two for husband's MBA), I never missed a home game!

Luke: Take it one game at a time. Let's go guys. Show the nation what you're made of.

Ellen (Scarsdlae, New York): I ahev thoroughly enjoyed watching you this season. What a great ride. Let's keep it going as long as possible. Best wishes to the graduating seniors!

Katie (Franklin): Play like you do at home - we're cheering for you!

alpharetta: u rock, keep it up!!!

Miller (nashville): Common guys I'm flying down to tampa to see you guys play hope to see you win!!!!

Donna (Greensboro, NC): You can do this DORES!!!! Yelling for you in Carolina .... ACC Country!!!

Karlkim (Nashville): Go Vandy!

Martinez, GA: from Mike & Diane (Vandy parents) Go Dores! Hear us yell for you all the way through our TV! We're so proud of you.

Augusta GA: Go Dores! This 1945 grad is very proud of you and will be supporting your every move!

the cherrys bloomington, il: It's great to be gold...thanks for the memories

Jim - California: The California alumni are behind you 100%. I'm sure that the memories of the Bowling Green game for the women last year and the Georgetown game for men are all the motivation you need for success. Just look at how close Vandy came to beating Georgetown, who ended up losing to Florida in the final game - a team Vandy beat during the regular season. Never let up and never give up. Play every play like it is the one that could swing the game - it could be.

TN Tree Man (Nashville): Your ability to win is in your heart. Take it to the four. Go Dores!!

Peter (Bethlehem): Thanks for all that you did to make it a season to remember, and looking forward to watching you live in Tampa Bay. Go dores!

Meredith M.: Congrats!! I hope you make it really far, Good Luck to all!!!!

Goodlettsville, TN: Hello to both the guys and gals. I am just a faithful fan of both teams. Win or loss YOU ARE WINNERS!!!

Larry D (Atlanta): I love you guys and ladies. It has been so much fun watching you play this year. Best of luck to both teams. You'll go far. Follow your dreams!! Go Dores

Pammy (Nashville): You are amazing on and off the court. Make your 3's & play great "D" & bring home the gold. We love you. Go Dores!!

Bob (Nashville): Go Men! Go Women! WIN, WIN, WIN. Shan: Keep giving all the glory to God.

David, Nashville: We got This!!! All the way

Anne (Nashville: Good Luck and God bless!! We're pulling for you - all the way! GO VANDY!!

Jimmy S. (Murfreesboro): Go Vandy. My sixth grade students and I will be watching you take down the rest of the field. Go Dores!!! DON'T GIVE UP DON'T EVER GIVE UP!!!!!!

Heather Dennis, Ashland, Ohio: Go Lady Dores! Good Luck Coach Balcomb!

LCDR J. Hudson '97: Saratoga Springs, NY: Hey Guys. The Navy sent me up here to New York and I'm surrounded by Siena fans. My daughter wore her Vandy sweatshirt into hostile territory today (Middle School). Show them what it means to play SEC b-ball. The whole family is pulling for you. Go Dores!!!

Caroline Venable (Hendersonville): Good luck in the tournament. I'll be watching. I hope y'all go to the championship!!!!!!!!!

Brent & Luke, Williamsburg, Ky: Way to go Dores!! We are proud to be Vandy fans in KY. Play hard and never give up.

Chris (Dalton, GA): Leave it all out on the court and do yourselves proud.

Dave (Atlanta): Continue to make us proud. Play hard. Play smart. Play tough.

Dan (Falls Church, VA): Heading from Va. to Tampa to see one unselfish basketball team get it done. As Red says, "just keep getting better!!"

Ron (Hendersonville): Guys and Gals, play like champions, we're all behind you.

Patrick (Houston): Thank you seniors for representing the school so well. Good luck! From a 4 seed to the Final Four!!!!

Phil (Vandy): Go Dores! We're behind you!

Daniel (New Orleans): Thanks seniors for the most wins as a class...keep going for more. Go farther than Perdue, Goheen, Booker, Mayes, McCaffery, McMahan, Lawson, Freije, Moore, Dawid, and yourselves. Elite 8, the next level...

M ( Nashville): Go Lady Dores - you had a great season and won the hearts of your fans. A young team that showed great improvement as season went on. Best of luck in Albequrque and on in NCAA tourney. GO DORES

Dickson 'Dores: Go Guys!! Y'all are so much fun to watch!


Steph (San Antonio, TX): GO DORES!


Schooley (Nashville): Go Dores! Rock the Bay. Sugar Shane, Red, and the gang are going to take down Siena.

Brett(Perth - Australia): Go Vandy GO!... hopin to see performances ala Auburn. AJ on the inside and Shan on the outside. Keep those Sweet 16 hopes alive!

Watson (Dallas): Who ya with???? VU!!

Beth: The VU basketball teams are dynamite!!! Go Dores!

Dabney (Sacramento): Good luck to the men and women of Vanderbilt Basketball. Have fun playing the game that you love. I can't wait to watch. Conquer and Prevail.

Vandy (Phoenix): Go Dores!!! We have faith!!!

Charley (Nashville): Guys and Dolls, Go Vandy !!!!. You all make us proud !!

Carson (Georgia): Alright guys, its time to show the nation what Vanderbilt basketball is all about. This team is capable of winning it all! Go out there and play hard! See ya'll in San Antonio. Go Dores!

Amanda: I love you guys! GO 'DORES!!!!!!!!!!

Judy: Nashville: You have been so much fum to watch over the year,even with the "herat attack" ones. You have worked hard to get here so let's go and show everyone what Vandy can do . GO DORES!

Pat (Oklahoma): To the two greatest teams on Earth, Vandy fans couldn't be prouder. Go Dores!

Charlotte's Mom (Briarcliff, NY): You ARE the home team on every court. Special kudos to Jermaine and Shan from the Owen family.

Gail - Nashville: Wishing you the best in the tournament. You have made it an exciting season and we look forward to seeing more games!

Erin (Nashville): You've been awesome to watch this season. Best of luck to you in the tournament.

Bill, W.Memphis: go dores

Sevy (New York): Go Dores!!! Good Luck!

Barry Vickrey (Vermillion, SD): With two degrees from VU, I am proud of how you young men and women have represented Vandy. You now have quite a following in Vermillion, and we wish you all the best.

Liz (Vanderbilt): It's good to be Gold!!!!!

Vince (Nashville): GO Dores!

Karen (Nashville): Go 'Dores! What a season & it's not over yet. We are so proud of the way you represent us on and off the court! Have fun and good luck!

Cara (Elba, Alabama): May you ALL be Blessed beyond your comprehensions. Go Vandy!!!!!

Dorejam ( Nashville): You Rock!!! The pain train is coming to the dance via VU Commodores!

Brad (White House): Can you say FINAL 4 !!!!

Jim (Nashville): Go Big GOLD. Play hard and smart and you can bring home the GOLD (trophy). Good luck

sherrie, boston: shan foster is the best. good luck i'am the #1 fan of you.

Hillary (Nashville): I was a ball girl this year for you girls. I don't want the season to end. WIN, WIN, WIN it ALL!!

Steve (Maryville): Here we Go! You all are getting ready gor the times of your lives! Go for and have fun and enjoy it. Don't worry about the UFOs. We've got your backs!

Vandy Girl Beth (Nashville): Congratulations to the teams! I would love to be dancing with the guys in Tampa. I will be cheering loud and bold for the Vanderbilt Black & Gold!

Nashville: It's been a great year--don't let it stop yet. Go 'Dores!!!!

Tracye (Slidell): Congratulations Vandy!!!! Awesome year. Great Job. Love you all! GO DORES!!!

don/joelton tn: you make nashville proud

Donnie murfreesboro: Shan you have been a pleasure to watch as a player and a kid to a man believe play hard and all things are possible

Jack S (Nashville): Go Vandy Shan you are the best!

roni hays (franklin, tn): you all played a great year! i wish i could come to the tournament games. we will miss you seniors!(at least i will) luv yah!

Jeff and Stacie (Murfreesboro): Its been a great year. Show everyone in the country how good Vanderbilt is. Its Good to be Gold!! GO DORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bridgette (Augusta, GA): Go Vandy, I will be in Tampa, GO Dores. Shan we are your #1 fans the Hammond Family!!!!

Eric (Memphis): Home or away, it doesn't matter. Just play your game and you will win. Go Dores!

MiCHA3LA<3[Nashville]: i love me some Commodores ! :D

Rhonda (Nashville): We're proud of you. What a season! Go Dores!!

John (Houston): I wouldn't ever miss you guys in an NCAA tournament game. Good luck from a lifelong fan watching in H-Town.

E.J. (Washington, PA ): The cheer is "RIP 'EM UP; TEAR 'EM UP; GIVE 'EM HELL VANDY

Kelly Finan (Nashville): I Love My Dores!!! Go Show the Country what you can do!! Don't forget that God is with you always! Use your heads, Thats what you came to Vandy for!

Rita (Fairless Hills, PA): Keep it up Shan! Go Vandy!

RC (Nashville): Favorite Vandy team ever!! Thanks so much for the thrills and memories!

Neil (Nashville): Kevin and Melanie, Miss not being there with you as you take both teams respectfully into the Big Dance. Know that I am supporting you even though I am not there in person. Best of luck to both of you, and thanks for what you do all year long with our student athletes. Sincerely, Neil Brake


Kevin (New York, NY): Lets show the national stage what Vanderbilt basketball is all about. Go Dores!

Rob (St. Louis): Coaches Balcomb and Stallings- You deserve perpetual adulation. Keep up the good work! Players on both teams: Give it your all! Good luck!!

Jon (Nashville): I'm so sick of hearing the "experts" run you guys in the ground and pick you to lose. I've been reading and listening for four days, and am yet to hear even one person give you guys an ounce of credit or a chance to do anything. If I were you guys, I'd be sick of it too. Go out there and play like you're possessed.

Robert ( Nashville ): Guys & Ladies you represent your university & city well just go out and give it your all & be the team you have shown all year when things might not go the way you want just look & lean on each other and you will be winners. We are all behind you. Go Dores !!!

Reynolds(Nashville,TN): I'll be watching yo guys while I'm wearing my Ogilvy Jersey.


Connor (age 7), Murfreesboro: Shan - you are one of the best players I have ever seen. Good luck to you and the rest of the team tonight!

Greg (Chicago): Make it rain Shan! GO DORES

Barb(Lincoln,NE): GO 'Dores, I will be watching you. Make Vandy proud !!!!!

Jim (Nashville, TN): Take no prisoners out there... Go Dores!

VUfan1 (Huntsville, AL): I'm proud of what you've been able to accomplish this year (men and women)! You've got what it takes to go even further... GO DORES!!!

Bob and Gail: Thank you Vandy men and women for a great basketball season. Best wishes for lots of success in the tournament. Go 'Dores!

Mona (Nashville): I believe in you, Commodores! You have worked so hard all season! Seniors: Liz, Shan, Ross, "Red," and already have what it takes to lead us to the final four!

Scott (Nashville): one goal one team one game at a time. Go Dores

Janet (Menlo Park): I am an Arizona alum and my husband Gonzaga but our daughter is a Vandy senior so we are rooting for VANDERBILT to go all the way!!! You can do it for sure......GO DORES!

Jonathan (Murfreesboro): It's truly been wonderful watching you guys this season. I'm so proud of what this team has been able to accomplish. I'm proud to be your fan. So lets make a run like last year guys. GO GOLD!!!

Bill & Pat (Franklin, Tn): WIN! Vandy Win! We are very proud of you

Tony (Middlebury, VT): You guys are better than the team that was robbed of a trip to the Elite 8 last season. There ought to be a fire burning in your gut to settle for nothing less than that and a whole lot more. GO DORES!

Bill - West Memphis, AR: Go Teams! Get the Gold!

Ruth:Smyrna: We are going to watch you win and keep winning. You can do it!

Emilie (Dallas): WHO YA WITH? VU! I have complete confidence that this team can go all the way to the final four! PLAY STRONG "D"! Seniors: Thank you for sharing your dedication and talent with us. You have made us very proud! I'm praying for y'all!

EP (Dallas): Comodores- It's all in front of you... And we are behind you! WIN IT ALL!

Peter (Sydney): Hey AJ; everyone at home is cheering for you. The whole country is very proud of you.

Kevin Mc (Nashville): V-A-N-D-Y Go Vandy!!!