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Chat With Brett Jacobson - Tues., Feb. 19 from 12:30 - 1 p.m. CT

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Vanderbilt pitcher Brett Jacobson is one of four Commodores returning to the 2008 pitching staff. Last season, Jacobson went 6-3 with a 3.15 ERA in 21 games, including 13 starts. He showed the ability to pitch effectively in relief as well, logging time in critical situations in NCAA play. The righthander's role on this year's team could be as a weekend starter or as a closer.

Vanderbilt opens the 2008 season on Friday, Feb. 22, against two-time defending champion Oregon State at the DeMarini Invitational in Tempe, Ariz. The Commodores will also face preseason No. 1 Arizona State and Miami (Ohio) in the tourney.

Read the transcript from the chat below.

Moderator: 12:02 PM CT: The live chat with Brett Jacobson will start in less than 30 minutes. Make sure you get your questions in!
Moderator: Brett has just arrived in the baseball press box and the chat will begin in a few minutes!
Moderator: Alright.... we're ready....

Brad ( Nashville): I've heard that your nick name is turkey. Why is that?
Brett Jacobson: It originated my freshman year when a bunch of us on the team were out bowling and Carter Hawkins asked me if I was a good bowler. I responded they don't call me Brett "Turkey" Jacobson for nothing.

Will (Milwaukee): What role do you anticipate playing this year? Starter or closer?
Brett Jacobson: It doesn't really matter to me. Anyway that I can help the team. I will just do what Coach Corbin tells me to do.

Detrick (Savannah): Did you enjoy playing with Samuel Tempelton this summer in the Cape?
Brett Jacobson: Yes, Samuel Templeton is one of the greatest players of all time and will go down as one of the greatest.

Sam (Nashville): Brett, How excited are you to be opening this year in your home state of Arizona?
Brett Jacobson: Very excited, my family and friends will be there. They don't have a chance to come see me pitch a lot so it will be a great opportunity.

Jerry (Nasvhille): what does your pregame meal usually consist of?
Brett Jacobson: Number 4, Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and large fries from McDonalds.

Bill Vandorf- Nashville: How was your time playing with the Nashville Navigators? Im a huge fan and Coach Ryman seemed to have gotten you on track to where you are today!
Brett Jacobson: I think it was a good opportunity for me to work on things I needed to work on. Coach Ryman is a very good coach and I enjoyed playing for him.

Dana Jacobson (ESPN): Are we related?
Brett Jacobson: No but I wish I was.

August Jacobson: First of all I just wanted to say what up to the little brother. Brett, hope you are doing well and you have a great season. My question to you is: how does it feel that even if you throw me a 90-whatever fastball, I will still take you deep sauce? Love ya man! and we are all rooting for you. -Gus
Brett Jacobson: Don't act like you would ever touch me. Love you too.

Bobby (Nashville): I came to alot of games last year. I noticed you like to exhale very loudly right before you let the ball go. Does that add to your velo?
Brett Jacobson: I am not sure, it's just something that occurs naturally and intimidates hitters.

Mike (Nashville): what do you think are the most important exercises a pitcher can do?
Brett Jacobson: I think that the surgical tubing exercises, before and after you pitch- internal and external rotator cuff are the most important.

Will (new York Ciry): Leadership will be a key issue for this team wit the departure of David Price. Early indications are that you are looking to step into the role of clubhouse leader. What do you bring to the table that would allow you to be that guy, and how important will finding an effective leader be to this club, do you feel like?
Brett Jacobson: I feel it is very important to have good leadership. I feel as if I have learned from David Price and others how to effectively lead the team, so myself and others know what it takes.

Hawk (Cleveland): Who was your favorite catcher to throw to last year? Why?
Brett Jacobson: Carter Hawkins, because he may not be the most talented catcher, but he is the best looking.

Jaime (Gallatin): Brett, what is your favorite pitch to throw and why?
Brett Jacobson: My favorite pitch is my fastball because I feel most comfortable with it and I can hit my spots with it.

gaski: Do you rely more on your control or your movement when you are pitching?
Brett Jacobson: I think it is a combination of both, but for me I rely more on control than movement. It differs for different guys.

Jason (New York, New York): How did you get noticed by the coaches from Vanderbilt?
Brett Jacobson: I got noticed by the Vanderbilt coaches at a Perfect Game showcase in Florida. Then Coach Bakich came to see me numerous other times.

Mike (Huntsville): Baseball players are notoriously superstitious. You? If so, what superstitions?
Brett Jacobson: I don't cut my hair during the season. Always put my socks on inside-out. Other than that I don't have any.

shawn (the garden state): Did you practice your celebration move prior to the final game of the SEC tournament, or was it spontaneous? And what do you call that move, "The Helicopter"?
Brett Jacobson: I didn't get the memo we were "big leaguing" the celebration.

Brad Shoemaker (Elgin, IL): I played baseball at Vanderbilt from 1988-1990. How, in such a short period of time under Coach Corbin, has Vanderbilt Baseball developed into a nationally ranked program?
Brett Jacobson: Coach Corbin has succeeded because he instills a winning mentality and gets us to work harder than any other team.

gary in phx: big dores fan since the 60's..willbe there this weekend..go get em brett
Brett Jacobson: Thanks for your support!

Maggie Jacobson: Hey brother, good luck this season! Lots of love and keep up on the studies because you don't want me to be smarter than you! Love, your little sis, Maggie
Brett Jacobson: Thanks for your support, but you will never be smarter than me, you know that.

Danny , Franklin: Do you perfer my " Chicken or my Ribs"
Brett Jacobson: Definitely your ribs.

Floyd (Maryville): I am having a debate with some friends. What was Dolph Lundgren's greatest theatrical performance? I'm going with Rocky IV as Drago since it put him on the map. My buddy likes him in Universal Soldier with Van-Damme. We both agree that He-Man and Red Scorpion were probably his worst movies, but that he will still go down as one of the greatest actors of our generation (next to Steve Guttenburg, of course). Your thoughts?
Brett Jacobson: Definitely the 1987 production of the Punisher.

Robaire: Greatest superhero and why, The Punisher or Ronald Reagan?
Brett Jacobson: Ronald Reagan. Bottom line is any superhero would cry when Reagan opened his mouth.

Sammy: Turkey i heard that you always spend extra time in the weight room. what does your training consist of?
Brett Jacobson: I do more circuit training that is functional for baseball purposes.

Jonathan: What does it feel like to win the SEC Tournament?
Brett Jacobson: Best feeling that I have ever had to this day. It makes it all worthwhile.

Casen (Asheville, NC): what is your take on the redshirt freshmen pitchers? Has their redshirt year proven to be a good investment for the team?
Brett Jacobson: Yes I think that the redshirt pitchers are very mature now and will be a key part to our success this year.

Charlie (Jackson): What were some of the factors that made you decide to come out east to play for the Commodores instead of staying out west where you're from.
Brett Jacobson: When I visited Vanderbilt, I fell in love with the city of Nashville and realized that they had the best coaches and players in college baseball.

marc (kew gardens): do you feel badly that you were never a bayside yankee?
Brett Jacobson: Yes I am sad. I heard Marc Cuseta is one of the greatest coaches of all-time.
Moderator: Hey guys, for all of the specific questions on the pitching staff, Brett doesn't have the answers, that's why he doesn't answer them.

Davy(Nashville): After Vanderbilt, what were your next two schools you were interested in playing for?
Brett Jacobson: Stanford and UCLA were my next two choices.

Sierra (Nashville): How excited are you to play in your hometown this weekend? =)
Brett Jacobson: I am very excited. There will definitely be nice weather and I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends.

Papa (Hawkins Field): How does it feel to have the second best fastball on the team?
Brett Jacobson: Come talk to me when you hit 96.

richie,chester,s.c.: bret. how good do you think vanderbilt pitching can be this season
Brett Jacobson: I think we have a chance to be the best pitching staff in the nation. I am really proud of the younger guys who have stepped up thus far.

Larry, Cleveland, TN: Good luck this weekend and this upcoming season. I note that Ole Miss has two pre season All American pichers. Since a good defense usually prevails, how do we line up against the Rebels?
Brett Jacobson: Thanks. I think it will be a very close series and a fun one to watch. Ole Miss has a great team and I am looking forward to playing them.
Moderator: That concludes our chat today with Brett. Thanks for joining us and good luck in Arizona this weekend.
Brett Jacobson: Thanks for all of the questions. It was fun. I hope to see you out at Hawkins Field this season.