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Chat With Pedro Alvarez - Friday, Feb. 15th 12:30 p.m. CT

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Vanderbilt third baseman Pedro Alvarez is one of the top returning players in college baseball and a favorite for National Player of the Year honors. The junior from New York is a two-time first-team All-American and is considered by many to be the top collegiate prospect in next June's amateur baseball draft. He enters the 2008 campaign with a career .359 batting average, 40 homers and 132 RBI.

Moderator: Reminder - the live chat with Pedro Alvarez will start in thirty minutes at 12:30 p.m. CT.
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Moderator: Pedro Alvarez has taken a seat with us in the Vanderbilt press box. The chat will start in a few minutes. Stay Tuned!

Steve(Orlando,Fl): Would you like to be the Rays #1 overall pick and re-unite with David Price?
Pedro Alvarez: Good to be here. That'd be cool, not really thinking about that right now. Want to go to the team that will give me the best opportunity.

Jeffrey (New Orleans): My name is Jeff, and I am a junior in high school trying to make a college decision. Having 2 relatives who graduated from Vanderbilt, I know a good bit about Vanderbilt. Living in New Orleans, very few Vanderbilt games are televised; however, I'm at my computer listening to nearly every game via audio. Despite my faithfulness to Vandy athletics, I have never been to a live Vanderbilt baseball game. I have been dying to go, but with school and sports it is hard to make anything. "How has the national attention as one of collegiate baseball's top players affected your life, and what advice would you give to people attempting to pursue their dreams whether it be athletics or academics?"
Pedro Alvarez: Wow, good question. Due to limited time on the chat today, I will answer in a future mailbag on

Mike (Huntsville): Describe your USA Baseball experience the past two years and what benefits yourself and other 'Dores who are invited to participate gain from such an experience. Also, who is the prankster on the team?
Pedro Alvarez: It has been an amazing experience getting to play with my peers and traveling the world. It benefits me to see different cultures and how they play baseball. It prepares me for the next level of baseball in terms of traveling and all the day to day stuff. Prankster- David Macias.

Mike DiNoto (New York, New York): Do you consider your time with the Bayside Yankees the reason why you're playing at Vandy now
Pedro Alvarez: Yeah, if it weren't for Bayside I wouldn't have had the exposure needed for colleges to see me.

Macclenny Florida: Good luck on leading the Dores to the College World Series!!!! We will be behind you and the Dores to go all the way! Repeat of last season and on to the show!!!!

Eric (Mt. Juliet): I know that you take great pride in your defense at third base, so what do you say to the critics in MLB that project you to have to move to first base or the outfield when you get to the next level?
Pedro Alvarez: Just gives me more incentive to work harder and prove to people I can play third base.

Nick (St. Louis: What's up with all of the Thumbs Up? The fans love it, but when and where did it originate?
Pedro Alvarez: It was the students at Vanderbilt who every time I looked into the stands, gave me a thumbs up and I just responded back.

Caleb (Boston): Is it true that the secret to your success is the Tim Corbin instructional DVD? Is Corbin truly the next Tom Emanski?
Pedro Alvarez: Nice question Patches.

Pedro Alvarez: Thank you very much!

Pedro Alvarez: Yes to a certain degree, not to in depth though.

Will (Nashville): What position did you play when you were 10 years old and were you one of the best players on your team?
Pedro Alvarez: Shortstop and I would say so.

Robert, New York Washington Heights: Hey Pedro, first and foremost congrats on everything and may the godlord keep on blessing you. As a little kid, I watched you and your father do fence drills and I always told my friends that you were going to be a big star. What made you decide to stop switch hitting and just stick to batting lefty?
Pedro Alvarez: I just thought it would be easier and more beneficial to focus on one side of the plate and lefty is my natural side. It is better to be a master of one than average at two.

Gio (Nashville): Petey- is it true that C/INF Andrew Giobbi is the best looking kid you've ever played with?
Pedro Alvarez: Not only that, he has the best body too.

Steve (New York City): Do you have any siblings? If so how do you get along ?
Pedro Alvarez: I have a younger sister and we get along fine. She is going to college in New York.

Jennifer Risper: I know that I beat you in guitar hero a little while back, would you like a rematch soon?
Pedro Alvarez: That is FALSE and you know that.

Nashville: Pedro - Is there anything in particular that you have been working on with the mechanics of your swing in the off season? Wishing you another spectacular year! GO DORES!
Pedro Alvarez: Just everything overall, trying to stay up the middle and to the opposite field. Working on everything I can in terms of mechanics.

Pedro Alvarez: Muchas Gracias

Stephen Frasure (Houston, TX): Last year the team opened up against great competition in Texas and this year the 'Dores open up against great competition in Arizona. How much do you think the level of competition faced during the first weekend prepares you for the season? Does it help the team get ready since they know they have to face top teams from day 1?
Pedro Alvarez: I think starting out with a big bang like that gets us ready for what is ahead. I think it is good for us. Nonetheless we prepare for every game with the same level of intensity.

Greg (Nashville): Is there anything the fans do that you especially enjoy?
Pedro Alvarez: The Black and Gold chant

Alex (Nashville): Hey Page (I heard you loved that nickname), by losing David Price the team lost a great pitcher, teammate and leader. Who do you see filling his role in each of those categories?
Pedro Alvarez: Obviously losing David Price is something big, with big shoes to fill. We still have a group of guys that can step it up like Minor and Christiani in terms of experience.

Marc (Kew Gardens, NY): In your opinion, who is the best player to come out of the Bayside Yankees organization?
Pedro Alvarez: Eric Duncan or Mike Baxter.

Card (Nasvhille): What is your favorite city other than New York?
Pedro Alvarez: Miami or Portland, Maine for my friend Flash Guy

Bri (Austin): What does the diet of a star athelete consist of? Do you eat nothing but cupcakes and ice cream since you have such a rigorous workout schedule?
Pedro Alvarez: I stick to chocolate frosted cupcakes and cookie dough ice cream.

Owen Burnett (Cookeville, Tennessee): What schools recruited you other than Vanderbilt and what made you decide to choose Vanderbilt?
Pedro Alvarez: At the time I was looking at Notre Dame and local schools like St. Johns and UCONN. What made me come to Vanderbilt was the combination of location, academics, athletics, coaching staff and finanical situation.

Evan (Camden, TN): Pedro, what's your best memory so far as a Vanderbilt Commodore?
Pedro Alvarez: Probably Flaherty's walk off home run against Boston College last year.

Lip (Boca Raton): Have you ever conducted on the V?
Pedro Alvarez: Only if there is flow.

David(Nashville): If you hadn't signed with Vanderbilt, what were your 2 next choices? Go Dores!
Pedro Alvarez: Miami or Notre Dame

Jacki Cook (Cottontown, Tn): Since vandy was #1 for alot of the season last year, has that added to the pressure going into this season?
Pedro Alvarez: No, just because even if we were not ranked like my freshman year, we would still play our hardest and play the best we can.

Yolayna: is it true im your favorite person in the world? and you love me very dear so !!!!!!!!!
Pedro Alvarez: Yes... sometimes..

Joe (Brooklyn, NY): Pedro- Good luck this coming season. How do feel coming into this season as compared to the previous 2 years?
Pedro Alvarez: Every year I gain more and more confidence and I feel that we have a legitimate chance of winning the College World Series..
Moderator: Time for one more question.

Luis Garcia: Pedro what is motivation to go forward,and what do you do to keep you focus on the things you want to achieve in life,coming from a neiborghood where you have so many a friends that loves you and admire what you have done,and continue doing on behalf of your future and your family?what is the message you send to those who started with you and now are a bit behind you? I am very proud of you keep it Bambino and remember. OJO Pelao.
Pedro Alvarez: Thanks. Nothing comes easy, you have to work hard for everything. Never let anything slow you down. If you want to accomplish something, a lot of time you have to do it yourself.
Moderator: Thanks for joining us today Pedro. Good luck to you and the Commodores this season!
Pedro Alvarez: Thanks for the questions. Sorry I couldn't get to all of them. I am really looking forward to this year and the fan support we have always had. Please come out and join us in what will be a wonderful 2008 season.