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    Videos: 'Jenkins is a flamethrower' and more

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    Four new videos have been posted to our VUcommodores' YouTube page including Kevin Harlan calling John Jenkins a 'flamethrower' in the Kentucky game and Brad Tinsley hitting the game winner against Alabama. Enjoy and share.

    Video: Jenkins is a flamethrower

    Video: Bradley Buckets beats Bama

    And more TV highlights from those two games...

    Video: Vanderbilt 81, Kentucky 77

    Video: Vanderbilt 81, Alabama 77

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    I know the SEC tournaments determine automatic bids for the NCAA tournaments, but I recall discussion a few years ago for SEC baseball regarding how either the SEC baseball tournament or the SEC baseball regular season would have precedence for determining who the true "SEC Champion" is each year. Does one have precedence over the other, or are there simply two different "SEC Baseball Champions" each year?

    Likewise, in basketball, while it's understood that the tournament champion gets an automatic bid, are there simply two "SEC Champions" each year or does one (regular season or tournament) have precedence over the other? For the regular season, is there a tiebreaker for determining the "SEC Regular Season Champion" or do they simply have ties and name co-champions? Would Vanderbilt hoist a banner for either or both the SEC basketball regular season championship and/or the SEC basketball tournament championship?

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