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    Stallings' media quotes on Tuesday

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    Vanderbilt men's basketball head coach Kevin Stallings discussed the Georgia game with local media on Tuesday afternoon. Watch Video

    On the importance of defending home court...
    "I've always thought that if you're going to win the conference championship that the formula is to winning your home games and winning the games you're supposed to win on the road. I think that's where it begins. That's why it was a little frustrating to let that game get away from us on Saturday night (at South Carolina) because that was a game that we felt like we could and probably should win and we didn't.

    "There's always more pressure on home games because if you're going to be a factor in the conference race you've got to take care of business at home. Until somebody starts winning a bunch of road games, then they're not going to separate themselves. You've got to win the overwhelming majority of your home games if you want to win the conference title."

    On facing Gerald Robinson Jr...
    "He's gone into a situation where he's being utilized by his coaches properly, he's been put in a good system for him, and he's got really outstanding players around him so he doesn't have to be the only guy. He's a good player in a good situation and those two factors usually make for a good result; that's what he's getting and that's what (Georgia's) getting right now."

    On if he can tell before the game that energy is going to be an issue...

    "I can generally tell, not always, if energy is going to be an issue in the locker room about 45 minutes before the game. Interestingly, relative to the South Carolina game, our team hasn't played with a lack of energy all season long. I haven't had an energy complaint in practice or in games.

    "Yeah, we had a couple of days in practice last week to where we had to call it to their attention, and then it showed up in the games. You have to give them a little bit of a pass if it only happens once because we haven't played all great games, but we haven't had a lack of energy. That hasn't been a part of this team's DNA at all. For whatever reason we had a little bit of one on Saturday night."

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